Student special set containing Cosy Cottage products
lavender shampoo, sweet orange soap, shea butter soap, deodorant, washing up bar, lip balm, hemp & patchouli cream, unbleached cotton drawstring bag
lavender shampoo, sweet orange soap, shea butter soap, deodorant, washing up bar, lip balm, hemp & patchoulim cream, unbleached cotton drawstring bag, sitting on an open laptop computer
drawstring cotton bag containg student special products, next to an open book

20% SAVING Students' Special! - Palm Oil and Plastic Free Students' Set

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Natural soap, skincare and household cleaning for students.

Are you at college, university, school or in a new a flat share?

Are you waving goodbye to a young special someone as they flutter away from the nest?

Our palm oil and plastic free students' set is just the thing to get them underway as they embark on a new and exciting life phase! This handy cotton bag contains a fabulous range of our most popular products, from skincare and lip care to body wash bars,  shampoo, deodorant and even a washing-up bar for those novel and exciting new tasks in the shared kitchen!

This set comes in one of our signature, unbleached, cotton, drawstring bags containing eight of our bestsellers and represents a huge 20% (student-style!) discount on our standard retail prices.

- a 50ml tin of sandalwood and tea-tree deodorant - don't leave home without it!

- a 30ml peppermint lip balm - just in case!

- a 55g moisturising, shea butter facial soap - for holding onto those youthful looks

- a 60g solid, lavender shampoo bar - the plastic, palm oil and SLS free staple

- a 55g sweet orange soap - for super-fresh showering

- a 30ml jar of hempseed and patchouli balm - moisturises, soothes, and heals

- a 55g plastic and palm oil-free washing-up bar - when it's your turn to do the dishes!

Everything you need to get student life off to a great and sustainable start. All of our natural products are handmade in small batches in our Yorkshire workshop, using processes which produce minimal waste and emissions. We never use palm oil, our packaging is plastic free, recyclable and compostable. Nothing contains artificial additives, including SLS and other surfactants, artificial colours or fragrances. Our essential oil scents are made from steam distilled plants, fruit and flowers.  

Moreover, everything is designed to be rich and long-lasting; without any added water or other 'bulking' compounds. You only need a small amount of each product each time of use... a vey little goes a very long way, making this a great choice for the planet and for our youngsters' pockets too!

We take the impact we have on the planet very seriously. The packaging used for this product can be recycled. When we post your items, any ‘plastic-like’ packaging we may use, including clear bags and bubble wrap, is made from biodegradable plant derived material that will compost in one year. So feel free to put it on your compost heap!

We reuse fully recyclable cardboard boxes we get from our suppliers where we see fit but your package will always look great and smell even better.

Check your local recycling facilities at

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