Lavender Soap & Cream Set - Cosy Cottage Soap
Lavender Soap & Cream Set - Cosy Cottage Soap
Lavender Soap & Cream Set - Cosy Cottage Soap
Lavender Soap & Cream Set - Cosy Cottage Soap

Lavender Soap & Cream Set

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"It has a soft, luxurious texture, lovely scent - a home-made cashmere cardigan for the shower."

A glorious gift, beautifully presented in an unbleached cotton, Cosy Cottage branded, drawstring bag.  Perfect for someone special or perfect for you!

A 60ml glass jar of our popular coconut and shea super-soothing, additive-free hand and body balm, fragranced with natural, relaxing lavender essential oil, made from steam distilled lavender flowers, and a 55g bar of our additive-free coconut oil based soap. 

All lovingly handmade in Malton, Yorkshire, UK, everything is SLS free, additive-free, palm oil-free, cruelty-free, plastic-free and delightfully 100% natural. All packaging is either fully recyclable, reusable or plant derived and will compost within a year.

Our rich and soothing hand and body balms and our gentle soaps are made entirely from natural ingredients and contain no unnecessary additives. The hand and body cream is not diluted with water so a little goes a very long way. 

We have received great feedback from farmers, gardeners, cooks and other clients, having dry skin, who have found our hand balm to be uniquely helpful and beneficial. 

Here's a video on our soap making process.

NOTE: Our hand/body creams and deodorants are coconut oil based rather than water/synthetic emulsifier based. They can become runny in very hot weather. Please keep them in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and do pop them in the fridge to reset if required. 



Lavender Cream 60ml 
Coconut oil, Shea butter, Aloe vera, Sunflower oil, Lavender Essential oil (linalool, limonene), Naturally Derived Plant-Based Preservatives (Salicylic Acid, Glycerin, Sorbic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol).

Lavender Coconut Oil Soap 55g
Coconut Oil, Olive oil, Beeswax, Lavender Essential Oil (linalool, limonene)

We take the impact we have on the planet very seriously. The packaging used for this product can be recycled. When we post your items, any ‘plastic-like’ packaging we may use, including clear bags and bubble wrap, is made from biodegradable plant derived material that will compost in one year. So feel free to put it on your compost heap!

We reuse fully recyclable cardboard boxes we get from our suppliers where we see fit but your package will always look great and smell even better.

Check your local recycling facilities at

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Lavender Soap

Always a beautiful product to use and hence the bulk buy purchase.

Diane Parkin
Great smell

Lovely soap, love the fact it is made in Yorkshire, just the bars are small for price.
Wouldn’t stop me ordering again though.

Debbie Pickering
Lavender soap

Lovely scent, I love the packaging too

Sheena Holdcroft carr
Lavender soap bar

Beautiful soap very refreshing good size can also be used by little hands and so often is

Susan Bennett

The soap smells devine and so moisturising

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