The Humble Soap Bar: Reasons to use a Solid Soap

Since 2015 solid soaps have experienced a resurgence in popularity, the first time in around a century. Sales over the last couple of years have been increasing 3 per cent faster than liquid soaps and shower gels. This week on the blog we're bringing you some top reasons to switch to solid bars as well as dispelling some myths around the products...

Reasons to use solid soap

Plastic Free

One of the biggest reasons for making the switch from shower gel to solid soap? Its impact on the environment. There has been a huge backlash against plastic consumption with individuals becoming more socially responsible for their environmental impact. As soap bars are typically wrapped in paper or cardboard, they not only use fewer materials but are recyclable or compostable.

At Cosy Cottage HQ, we are on a mission is to celebrate these luxurious bars and make promote the often plastic free packaged alternatives. 

Money well spent

It has also been estimated that on average, 60% of the price of liquid soap is spent on the packaging. Furthermore, the main ingredient of liquid soap is water. By opting for a solid bar, your hard earned cash is going into good quality and, in our case, natural oils and butters that are nourishing for your skin.

A natural solid soap bar will last you a long time if it is leaved to air dry between uses. Lasting you longer, saving you money and trips to the shops.

And it doesn't stop at shower gel, there is a growing trend for solid shampoos, conditioners and shaving soaps that have been popularised for the same reasons. 

Minimal waste

When using a solid soap you can easily use every last bit. No wasted soap stuck to the side of the bottle, instead you can use your bar until the very last bit is left in your hand.

Travelling made easy

With summer holidays and weekend breaks planned this summer, a solid soap can make travelling an absolute breeze. Glide through airport security as your soap won't set off their alarms. 

What about the health risks of using a communal bar of soap?

However, the solid soaps are still overshadowed by liquid versions. For a long time, soap bars have got a bad reputation for being boring, harsh or even unclean. These negative perceptions meant liquids remained the more popular form of soap for decades. 

Many worry about the cleanliness of barred soaps.

In one study in 1965, participants with bacteria contaminated hands were asked to wash their hands with a bar of soap. A second person then used the same bar. Scientists found that bacteria were not transferred to the second individual. 

Concerns that solid soaps may harbour and transfer bacteria were further dispelled during a further study in 1988. No bacteria was transferred onto the hands of participants. Their results showed that little hazard exists in hand washing with previously used soap bars. In fact, frequent washing with solid soap and water would prevent disease rather than spread it. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends hand washing as the most effective protection against infection with both solid and liquid soap providing the same level of defence. 

Nourished Skin

If dry skin is a concern, this too has been disputed. Bars with an alkaline PH level, i.e. one close to that of our skin, should cause no issues with drying your skin out.

Our soaps also contain no potentially irritating and drying SLS which is found in the vast majority of liquid soaps on the high street. The additional of nourishing, natural oils results in a silky texture which leaves skin feeling soft and nourished.

We also use natural essential oil fragrances to scent our soaps. These are particularly kind to those with sensitive skin whilst providing a beautiful subtle scent whilst using the product. 

Solid soaps available for those with skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne are fuelling the soap bar trend. This is partly because many bar soaps contain glycerin, which can be beneficial for people with dermatological problems.


So why not grab a bar of the good stuff, your skin and planet will thank you for it.

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