Notes on: Fragranced Shampoo Trials

Firstly thank you very much to the 33 people who fed back, having used the shampoo for two weeks. Thank you too to the Mums and partners who joined in and provided additional, very helpful feedback. Apparently we now have three husbands who are fresh converts to all-natural, detergent free, solid shampoo!

It was really interesting to hear what people had to say and there were lots of generic points which emerged about people’s experiences of our original unscented version. By far the most common among them was that people using our all-natural, detergent free, solid shampoo find that they are able to leave their hair longer between washes than when they used a traditional product. That’s great with us; it makes the product better value for money for our customers (quite apart from the environmental benefits).

While over 90% of respondents mentioned that they preferred the scented versions to the unscented, one person definitely did not enjoy the lemongrass; saying it reminded her of sherbet lemons and urinals, a heady combination indeed! Several people expressed an interest in a rosemary scented shampoo and this is something we have added to our list of products for future consideration. 

If you've got your hands on a Fragrance Free Shampoo and you're not sure what next, we've got just the thing. Here is a link to our Top Tips for Making the Switch to Shampoo Bars.

Solid Shampoo Bar

And now to the nitty gritty!

We had researched the anecdotal benefits of the two essential oils in advance via various publications on aromatherapy. Following that research we selected lavender as a therapy for itchy/flaky scalps and lemongrass as an agent to help balance oil production. We need to stress, stress and stress again that in no way was our exercise a clinical nor indeed a highly scientific trial. However, we were delighted that of the people who fed back on the lemongrass fragrance, over 60% said it had helped to balance excessive oil production and for the lavender, over 65% said it helped with itchy, flaky or sore scalp. 

Solid Shampoo Bar

Based on the above feedback, we will take the next few weeks to finish working on these two new products which we hope to bring into production in early March. With over 90% of respondents saying they enjoyed the scented rather than the unscented product; what could be better than spreading a little joy this Spring? We’ll take that! 

Can't wait? Shop the Fragrance Free Shampoo here. How about a Nourishing Conditioner Roundel to complete the set?


  • Rosemary

    I have silver hair. Have been using a blue bar shampoo bar. To keep the brassy colour away and maintain my silver / white hair colour.
    Do any of your bars offer the same?
    Would buy them if you did. Have used your body soaps and loved them.

  • Kay Prescott

    I’ve just started using the lavender shampoo bar. I love the idea of just having this bar in the bathroom, plastic free. It smells lovely and lathers great it’s just I’m also now at that sticky hair stage and will be buying apple cider vinegar as suggested to rinse. I’ll definitely persevere and really hope to keep with this.

  • Tracy Headley

    Fantastic shampoo wouldn’t use anything else now thank yo

  • lesley

    Ordered 3 lemongrass shampoo bars for my family. Absolutely gorgeous and so well priced. Will be getting all my soap from you now.🙂💖

  • Cal

    Shucks. Is early March not over yet?

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