We are fully recyclable!

It has been a very exciting week for us here at The Cosy Cottage HQ. Not only have we had the launch of our brilliant new branding but we can now say we produce fully recyclable packaging. This is fantastic news as we set a target earlier in the year to achieve this goal by 2018 yet have managed to make the step at the beginning of October. In May we wrote a blog on plastic waste, Make the Switch and Save the Planet and we are proud that our products do not contain microbeads. This blog, however, will take a look at our new fully recyclable packaging and show off some of our new designs that we are so proud of. 

First of all, our relaunched labels are now printed on 100% recycled paper from Fulprint, a local printer down the road from us here in York. These can be found on our soaps in Lavender, Sweet Orange, Hemp and Patchouli, and Aloe Vera. Follow this link to take a further look.

Another change we have recently made is our progression from plastic to glass containers for our Foot Balm. Not only are they now recyclable but they also are a larger jar (and we think more beautiful too).

Whilst you can recycle your glass containers, we love the idea of reusing your beautiful bottles and jars particularly from our hand creams, candles and Foot Balm. The bottles could be reused as a vase or storage container. Let your imagination run wild! We also think they provide excellent decoration for your bathroom shelf as you use up your lovely bubbles.

Check out the full range on our shop. We are so happy with our recyclable packaging but what do you think of our new designs and containers? Please let us know in the comments below. 

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