Make the Switch and Save the Planet

Each year, the average person in the Western world  generates a staggering 85kg of plastic waste. Figures from the USA suggest that only around 7% of this waste is recycled, which leaves 79kg of plastic per person per year. 79kg is equivalent to around 1000 small bottles per person per year.
Most of this will end up in landfill sites where it will take up to a thousand years to decompose. Some will end up in the oceans where plastic waste kills as many as a million sea creatures a year and where damaging pollutants accumulating in plastic debris enter the human food chain.
If we assume that 5% of plastic waste relates to body washing products, making the switch from shower gels and liquid soaps to organic additive-free soap will generate a reduction of 4kg or the equivalent of 50 small bottles of damaging plastic waste per person per year.
Why not make the switch to organic, additive free soap, in fully biodegradable wrappers, today? Your skin and the planet will love you for it!

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