Following the successful launch of The Cosy Cottage Soap Company in France, we have received excellent feedback on the range. Particularly, the Mango Butter and Lemon Foot Balm which has been used in reflexology and massages of the foot and lower leg. 

"Calling all reflexologists and massage therapists! I am currently using Cosy Cottage Mango and lemon balm on feet and lower leg massage and reflexology. Perfectly hydration for the cold weather, very little goes a long way, and it smells delicious. No baddies in this little Angel!"

So what is reflexology? 

Reflexology is the practice of massaging certain areas of the feet, hands and ears to relieve stress and tension, promoting healing around the body. It is important to note, however, that the art of reflexology is different from your average foot massage!

Reflexology originated from Ancient Egypt, India and China. It was introduced to the western world by Dr William Fitzgerald who developed 'Zone therapy', the art of using reflex areas on the feet and hands to target other areas and organs around the body. This was later developed into modern day reflexology under the belief that tension in certain parts of the foot are mirrored around the body.

Reflexology is for all ages and treatments are tailored to each individual in a non-invasive manner. Reflexology can relieve stress, improve circulation, boost energy levels and can even ease pain. You may also notice a rise in your mood and that your sleep quality is improved, enhancing over-all wellbeing. Other, lesser known benefits of reflexology include: reducing symptoms of arthritis, easing menstrual problems and soothing tension headaches. 

Whilst there have been several studies showing the effectiveness of reflexology, there currently is not enough evidence out there to support clinical claims of its success.

The essential oil fragrances of LavenderSweet Orange and Hempseed in The Cosy Cottage products can also assist reflexology in easing tensions and other issues such as digestion problems. We hope this may have inspired you to try the therapy for yourselves. As always, we welcome your comments on any experiences you have had of the therapy in the comments below. 

For any reflexologists, masseurs or other therapists, we accept wholesale enquiries. Please get in contact with the team on 01653 693555 or on the contact page.

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