Ready, Set, Go! Our Top Picks for Post-Exercise Pampering

Picture the scene… you’ve just powered through a great workout, there’s a broad grin stretching across your face, and those endorphins are really getting to work across your whole body. Feeling good, right? Next step is treating yourself to an indulgent post-exercise soak or shower, to ease those weary muscles and calm the mind. Take a peek at our top picks, all designed to make you look and feel superb after the strenuous.

Caring Shampoo Soap Bar

Only got time for a quick shower? No worries. Grab our trusty Caring Shampoo Soap Bar, lather it up, and enjoy soft, supple hair. It's an ideal gym buddy, and your bonnet will thank you for it as it's proudly palm oil and silicone-free.

Large Soy Wax Candles

Everyone loves a candle after a long day, that's a given. And they feel ever more luxurious accompanying a bath after a long run. Whether you opt for the soft scent of lavender or the zesty lemongrass variety, our soy wax candles are sure to make you feel suitably pampered.

Bucks Fizz Bubble Bath

...And if you're treating yourself to a soak, you'll be needing some bath bombs! Breathe in the dreamy scent of sweet orange essential oil as you rest those tired limbs. What's more, our Bucks Fizz Bubble Bath is SLS free and additive-free, so no dodgy plumbing issues. Sit back and relax, you've earnt this.

Therapeutic Hemp & Patchouli Hand and Body Cream

Hempseed oil has long been associated with dermatological wellbeing, and recent studies suggest that the vitamins and fatty acids in the oil may help to keep skin healthy and prevent breakouts. Win-win. Liberally apply our Therapeutic Hemp & Patchouli Hand and Body Cream after cleansing and feel the benefits immediately. Whether you've wiggled your way to a Zumba class or strode across the countryside with your four-legged friend, it's bound to make you feel revived.

Mango Butter and Lemon Foot Cream

So your body is sorted, but what about your poor tired feet? We have the perfect solution. Slather our rich Mango Butter and Lemon Foot Cream on your tootsies after bathing and enjoy the feeling of soft, supple feet. With the additions of coconut oil and aloe vera, a little of this wonder cream goes a long way.

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