Natural Shaving Soap - A Fresh Approach to Smooooooth

With commercial producers relying heavily on artificial additives, palm oil, plastics, detergents and preservatives, what’s different about Cosy Cottage products and how do they work?

Welcome to the first in our series of blogs going into more detail about why our Cosy Cottage products are different.

Foam, foam, glorious foam … or not

Many traditional shaving products come in a spray can; something similar to frothy, Chantilly cream cans producing oodles of cream from a tiny trace of raw material, by filling it with air bubbles. A popular alternative is commercially produced, solid shaving soap containing plenty of SLS, SLES or other synthetic detergents to generate mountains of froth at the sweep of a shaving brush. The bubbles make it easy to draw a razor over the surface of the skin and hey presto, a clean shave.

But what if your skin is sensitive to the drying effects of all that detergent, those propellants and artificial additives; what if you don’t want empty spray cans in the rubbish? What if you wish to avoid harmful, synthetic pollutants in your drains? What if you’re looking for a more gentle, natural shaving approach, with compostable packaging too?

Let’s start with SLS, SLES and all their other sulphate based detergent cousins. They’re great at making lots of bubbles and they do that very cheaply … a little goes a long way. This enables producers to use the very cheapest oils and fats (palm oil for example, which we never use), add a bit of SLS and hey presto … bubbles. SLS and SLES do come with several rather less desirable effects too  … why not read our blogs about SLS and Paraben for more detail.

Clay … the ancient cleanser and purifier

Our natural shaving soap, which is now available in two lovely, natural essential oil fragrances, zesty lemongrass and patchouli or floral geranium and patchouli works on a different principle altogether. Different, but according to our customers’ feedback, gentle and effective.

At Cosy Cottage our natural, palm oil free shaving soaps are created using a carefully created blend of ethically sourced, high quality oils, butters and fats together with natural bentonite clay, which has been used for years for its purifying and cleansing properties.

Gently wet and massage our gently fragranced, clay-infused, natural shaving soaps either in your hands or onto the shaving surface of the skin. The carefully created blend of oils in the soap will will create a gentle lather and the clay will form a smooth, slippery, purifying surface on the skin; ideal for enabling the smooth glide of a razor and giving a close and efficient shave, without the unwanted impacts of detergents, artificial additives, perfumes or propellants on the skin. Our natural shaving soaps are wrapped in paper too, so the packaging is fully compostable or recyclable.

The naturally alkaline pH of the soap will prevent the growth of bacteria and other microbes without the need for artificial preservatives or anti-microbial additives too.

Whether you’re shaving your face, your legs or somewhere else altogether, why not give it a try, we’re confident you will be delighted with the results. Don't take our word for it; there are several customer reviews beneath the product description, to take a look at.

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