Global Recycling Day - Creative Ways to Reuse Packaging

With Global Recycling Day coming up later this week, we’ve been looking at the creative ways by which you can reuse and recycle your Cosy Cottage containers.

All our packaging is recyclable, reusable or compostable.

- What can be reused or recycled in your Cosy Cottage parcel?

We use kiln dried wood shavings to pack out our boxes. This can be easily composted and breaks down easily. Our clear bags and bubble wrap are plant derived and we invest in varieties which can be composted.

Many people reuse the pretty Cosy Cottage branded boxes for storage around the home, postage, or they can be recycled in your household recycling bins, alongside the tissue paper we wrap your goodies in.

- For those who are feeling creative, we’ve got some great ideas for reusing our product packaging

Everyone loves a tin! Our aluminium pots for natural deodorants, scrubs and makeup removers, make great travel containers for small items of jewellery or medicines. You can also have a handy handbag sized tin to carry soap shavings so you can wash your hands with our natural soap wherever you are and we’ve made a video to show you how to create your soap shavings.

Our travel tins can be topped up with our 20g soaps for your travels or can be reused to store cotton wool pads, sewing items or paper clips for your desk.

Click here to see our deodorants

Click here to see our makeup remover

Click here to see our hand and body scrub

Click here to see our travel tins


- Our glass jars can be reused around the house

Our larger 120ml jars are great for small tea, coffee and sugar for camping trips. If you’re especially green-fingered, you can add your own dried herbs to our 30ml, 60ml glass jars. These also make fantastic pots for small succulents or windowsill plants.

For the handy among us, the jars make great storage for small parts and screws, and as stands for pens, pencils and small painting brushes on your desk. For those who love to sew, they’re great for making pin cushion jars with a place to store them underneath.

Click here to see our hand creams

- Don't throw away your candle jars just yet

Our candle jars also have some great uses around the home. You can add small tealights to the jars once the the candles have burned down or they can be used as decorative flower vases for table and window displays. 

Tell us more about how you upcycle and recycle your packaging in the comments below

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