Gardens, Compost and Cosy Cottage Soap

We have our fingers crossed for a fine Bank Holiday this weekend. One similar to the gorgeous Easter Weekend would suit us very nicely. 

For us there is one thing that is synonymous with Bank Holidays and that is all things gardens. Whether that is visiting our favourite National Trust property or getting up to our elbows in soil, being surrounded by plants and nature is one of the most relaxing way to pass some time. 

If you follow us over on Facebook or Instagram, you'll often see updates from around the garden at Cosy Cottage HQ. (Yes, the Cosy Cottage is real!) 

We've got plenty of help with cutting the grass! 

Our favourite product to rescue sore and try gardeners hands after a day in the garden?

It has to be our Hemp & Patchouli Hand and Body Cream. It really does work miracles on our sore knuckles and over the years we have received such positive feedback from farmers, gardeners, cooks and other customers suffering from dry skin who have found our hand balm to be uniquely helpful and beneficial. 

Made entirely from natural ingredients, the hand balm is not diluted with water and has no unnatural additives. It is ideal for chapped or very dry hands and contains no nasty chemicals which can leave hands feeling dry even after use. For more on SLS and its impact on our skin, take a look here.  

To keep your packages as safe as possible, we include biodegradable bubble wrap in your orders. This ‘plastic-like’ packaging we may use, including clear bags, is made from biodegradable plant derived material that will compost in one year. So feel free to put it on your compost heap!

While you are out in the garden this bank holiday, why not take a look at starting or refreshing your compost heap to make sure it is working the most effectively for you.

Not only brilliant for the environment, composting is an inexpensive natural process of taking your kitchen and garden waste and 12 months later producing nutrient rich food for your garden. It contains all the nutrients your plants need and improves your overall soil condition. Those plants will love your compost.  

You see, when we send our waste to landfill sites, air cannot get to it meaning when it breaks down it produces a harmful greenhouse gas, methane. When we set up a compost heap properly at home, oxygen can circulate meaning hardly any methane is produced.  

To set up your compost bin, try to place it on bare soil. This allows for better aeration and drainage which are key to successful composting. If this isn't possible, add a spadeful of soil to the mix. 

As a general rule of thumb, try to aim for 50% 'greens' (vegetable peel, weeds etc.) and 50% 'browns' (autumn leaves, cardboard etc.). For more detail of what is and isn't needed in your compost heap, take a look at this very useful webpage. Try to add a mixture of different greens and browns into the mix for the best compost. 

Composting can be done all year round and it is recommend that you turn the heap on a monthly basis to ensure enough air can circulate. According to the RHS, 'Mature compost will be dark brown, with a crumbly soil-like texture and a smell resembling damp woodland.' You're now free to use your homemade compost where you want around your garden.

Happy Bank Holiday, folks 💚 

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  • Dorothy Harrison

    Very excited to try my products, is there any product for use to wash dishes yet? Am so happy to here you have compostable bubble wrap, i continually use my three compost bins, with great success. Just put my first order in, and when i did so got your message telling me I’d get 10% off my first order, 🤔, just put my first order in!! 😢

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