Dry, irritated skin? Is your soap to blame?

Have you ever suspected your shampoo to be the cause or your itchy scalp? Or your mouth ulcers to be a result of using your toothpaste? How about that dry face - could that have been caused by your soap and moisturizing routine?

From soaps to mascara, shampoo to sun cream, thousands of products which we are exposing our skin to can be causing a lot more damage than good. The answer lies with the detergent Sodium-Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) which is found in many of the products we put into contact with our skin. 

So, what really is the problem with Sodium-Lauryl Sulphate?

Multiple studies have found SLS to cause skin irritation whilst reducing the effectiveness of your skins overall function. This occurs by disrupting the natural oils that maintain the skin's healthy balance causing cataracts, dandruff, dermatitis and many more skin conditions. Furthermore, the skin's ability to withstand allergens is reduced by SLS, often triggering a flare up of eczema on sensitive skins. SLS also emits harmful gas when heated. Here at the Cosy Cottage, we aren't too keen on the thought of our warm bath filled with aromatic bubbles and...toxic fumes! 

Our mission against SLS is even more important as the chemical is both a pesticide and a pollutant. The makers of SLS recently petitioned for it to be listed as a pesticide but this was denied because of bio-accumulation (SLS accumulates in bodies of fish) and environmental damage caused by the compound.

Environmentally unfriendly and damaging to our skin.

How do we avoid it then?

SLS is used as an emulsifying component in the manufacture of soaps and creams. Thousands of washing products use SLS but there are over 150 names under which it can be listed on packaging, making it incredibly difficult to locate. However, there is hope. We have found that most products which do not contain SLS will proudly display this information on their packaging - so keep your eyes peeled. 

Our products at The Cosy Cottage Soap Company’s do not contain these harmful emulsifiers. Instead we use ingredients such as the natural and organic coconut oil in our hand balms which softens at body temperature. 

Choose organic, additive-free products. Your skin and your planet will love you!

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