Easy Ways to Kick the January Blues

Welcome to our first blog of the year! 2024 is going to be great!

After the magic of Christmas, January can feel a little flat. Perhaps our purse strings feel a bit tighter. Or the waistband of our jeans! The days are short and the streets are no longer lined with twinkling festive lights. So whilst Blue Monday may have been created by a corporate marketing team, there is some truth in low mood persisting in January.

With that in mind, we want to share with you team Cosy Cottage Soap’s top 6 natural ways to beat the blues and enjoy a happy January. We hope you find something here which sparks your imagination!

So, how do we kick the blues?

Make the most of a quieter schedule

Between visits to the in-laws and drinks with colleagues, December can be a very busy period. As a result, we often forget about someone very important, ourselves! With an emptier diary at the start of a new year, we can spend some important (and well deserved) time on ourselves. So why not use your free Sunday mornings to run a bath and dig out a favourite book.

Ditch the resolutions

With that in mind, it’s time to ditch the resolutions! 

Did you know that around 80% of resolutions are abandoned by February? New Year’s goals often involve deep-rooted behaviours or bringing in new habits. These take time and a LOT of effort to overhaul. Not to mention we’re often doubling resolutions on top of each other which leads to overwhelm and, unfortunately, a failed goal. 

Instead, seek out ways you can be better organised and consistent with the things that will bring you the most benefit.

Relax into the new year with one of our Cosy Spa Essential Oil Diffuser.

Essential oils work

Scents of steamed distilled flowers and fruits have long been used as a treatment for transforming your productivity and mood. And whilst they may not be the first thing you turn to when feeling blue, essential oils have the power to transform your mood. Lavender oil for sleep, lemongrass for relieving tension and geranium to boost your mood. Essential oils can have huge benefits on your health and wellbeing. 

We like to put a Geranium Soap and Hand Balm by the sink in our workshop during January to lift spirits!

Find out more about the power of aromatherapy here.

Book something in your diary

Another team favourite, here in Malton, is having something to look forward to. It doesn’t have to involve splashing out on a luxury holiday. It could be as simple as a Sunday walk in the countryside. Or a delicious meal planned with friends at your favourite restaurant. Having something you love in your diary can lift your mood no end. 

Try our mood-enhancing Pulse Point Oils with l emon scented myrtle, lavender and vetiver.

Get back to nature

We are huge champions of getting outside in these winter months. With the short days and dull weather, the easiest option can be to hold fort inside. By immersing ourselves in nature, studies have shown we reduce activity in parts of our brains that are associated with depression. 

Filling our lungs with fresh air is always a winner in our books. And science supports it! Breathing country air increases oxygen levels in the brain which can give a healthy boost to your mood and wellbeing. What's more - it’ll lead to a better nights sleep so we’ll wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.  

If you’re local to Yorkshire or planning a visit, take a peek at this blog for some family favourites. 

Simple Things

Sometimes it’s the simple things that can boost our moods. At Cosy Cottage HQ here in Yorkshire, we’ve added a bunch of daffodils to the workshop. If we go off the number of compliments it’s received, we’ve already brightened many days with them!


So, over to you. We’re always looking for a top tip for boosting our mood in January. What are your go tricks to putting a spring back in your step?

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