The Yorkshire Countryside

Last week we took a family trip to the Yorkshire Dales; that was the inspiration behind this blog post. We now work with many retail outlets and guest accommodation providers across Yorkshire and the Welcome to Yorkshire organisation. Our products are proudly made in Yorkshire too, so we thought we would share a handful of some of our favourite places in our favourite county because, while we love our jobs, it is sometimes so good to take time out to breathe in all that country air. 

The Yorkshire Dales

The location for our getaway last week, the stunning area around Malham, is worlds away from the hustle and bustle of Yorkshire's fantastic cities like Leeds, York, Hull and Sheffield. Plenty of tranquility, stunning landscapes and time to reflect. 

Bolton Abbey.

At the very bottom of the Dales is Bolton Abbey, an estate which surrounds the ruins of a 12th-century Augustinian monastery. The landscape offers plenty of walking routes, suitable for all weathers and attracts serious walkers and families like ours which included walkers from 14 to 80! A picnic by the river, a hop over the stepping stones and a trip on the steam railway are a must in the summer months. Good luck getting over those stones!

Malham Cove.

Just north of the village of Malham is Malham Cove. Formed from melting ice during the last Ice Age more than 12,000 years ago, this impressive curved feature is a well known beauty spot in the Yorkshire Dales. It is even a film and television star, having been featured in Harry Potter and The Trip. The area also has its own lake, Malham Tarn, with plenty of walks to be had in the surrounding moorland. 

Aysgarth Falls.

Featuring not one, not two but three waterfalls in one, Aysgarth is a beauty spot not to be missed. If you catch the falls after a bout of wet weather or snow (like we did), you are sure to enjoy theimpressive sight as the water cascades over the limestone steps. Turner, Wordsworth and Ruskin have all sung the praises of Aysgarth Falls' natural beauty. There are some beuatiful walks in the woodland surrounding the falls, particuarly at this time of year, when the ground is carpeted with snowdrops and in a few weeks time, when the wild flowers come out. Don't forget to indulge at the Wenslydale Creamery or take a family walk to the nearby Bolton Castle!

We hope you enjoyed some of our holiday snaps and perhaps got a little inspiration for your next stay. There are many more of our favourite places in Yorkshire but there is too much to put down in one blog. Keep your eyes peeled for more on them later in the year...

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