Cosy Crafts felted soap making kit in gift box
Felted soap kit instruction booklet
Gift box containing roving wool in pinks and oranges, four soap bars, pair of tights
Cosy Cottage Cosy Crafts gift box
orange felted soap bar

Make Your Own Felted Soaps - A Cosy Crafts Kit

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Welcome to our 'Cosy Crafts' range. This fantastic soap-felting kit contains everything you need to make four lovely, large palm oil free, felted soaps; ideal for use in the bath or shower.

This kit, presented in one of our signature, branded Cosy Cottage boxes, contains a detailed and illustrated instruction booklet, to guide you through the soap-felting process, which is both fun and rewarding. It  would make an ideal gift or provide the basis for a home crafting session to enjoy yourself or with children/grandchildren.

Your homemade, felted soaps will make popular gifts for friends and family or a delightful bath or shower time treat, just for you. We include four large bars of our most popular soaps - Geranium and Sweet Orange:

Geranium -  with the uplifting scent of rosy geranium and a delicate hint of sweet orange. A firm favourite with our customers who return to this rose-like fragrance again and again.

Sweet Orange - this fresh, energising, fruity fragrance is a favourite all year round but especially for Spring and Summer and is achieved by the addition of sweet orange essential oil. 


4 x large 110g Coconut Oil Soaps, fragranced with essential oils (2 x Sweet Orange, 2 x Geranium)

 Wool roving in various, coordinating colours (primarily oranges, creams and pinks)

A pair of felting tights!  

Ingredients labels

Detailed, illustrated instruction booklet

Sweet orange soap ingredients : 

Sodium cocoate, Sodium olivate, Sodium beeswaxate, glycerin, Citrus Sinensis Oil (limonene, citral)

Geranium soap ingredients:

 Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Olivate, Sodium Beeswaxate, Glycerin, Geranium Oil (Citral, Citronellol, Geraniol, Linalool), Citrus Sinensis Oil (Limonene).

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