COVID-19 Response - Updated December 2021

The health and safety of our employees and the general public is top priority for all of us at Cosy Cottage. We want to ensure you that we are taking the necessary steps to avoid the spread of the coronavirus and will continue to go above and beyond to protect the health of our staff, delivery people and customers.
As the UK moves through the various phases of emergence from lockdown, we will continue to update our risk assessments and align with current PHE, WHO and UK government advice.
Our updated action response is set out below and these measures are additional to our usual cleaning regimen and Health and Safety measures:

DATE: December 2021 - Last Update

  1. All team members have been issued with Lateral Flow Tests and these are utilised before reporting for work. Any team members with a positive test result will not come to work and central government guidance will be followed. 
  2. The additional thrice daily cleaning measures, introduced on 29th March 2020 will continue (8am, 11am, 2pm) embracing (not exhaustively) door handles, shared equipment, telephone and computer equipment, surfaces, bathroom area. 
  3. Alcohol based spray cleaner and cloths will be available at workstations for use between the cleaning slots above. Alcohol gel will be available in the bathroom area and by the shared computer equipment
  4. The workshop has been rearranged and delineated into marked zones. A maximum of one person within each zone is the new normal. Before entering an occupied zone, team members will ask to do so, enabling others to move if required. 
  5. Face masks have been provided for use by all team members and from 15th July 2020, we took the decision to anticipate any future changes in official advice and wear these at all times within the workshop
  6. A maximum of five people will be working in the main workshop area at any one time, to enable the distancing measures above. Team members from the same household will be scheduled to work together wherever possible.
  7. A thermometer is located in the building and everyone will take their temperature on arrival. In the event that their temperature is raised (red zone), they will leave the building until they are either well again or have been through the required statutory isolation period
  8. No customers or delivery/collection team members will enter the premises further than in the 'doorway' zone. A suitable sign preventing entry is pasted to the main door. No visitors are allowed onsite and meetings are conducted via appropriate IP technology. 
  9. Tissues and plastic disposal bins are available for use by our team while in the premises. All bins are emptied daily. 
  10. Handwashing instructions in line with PHE guidance are pasted by each sink area and the expectation set for all team members. Other warning signs as provided by Ryedale DC are similarly displayed in the workshop.
  11. The retail area in the workshop has been closed and a new store has been opened in a separate, larger location nearby (13 Market Place, Malton)
  12. Aprons will be taken home daily by our team members to prevent cross-contamination and laundered in the team members own homes
  13. All of our team will comply with the statutory guidelines regarding self-isolation which are in force and amended from time to time.


We understand this is a difficult time for many of our business customers and we send our warmest wishes to our partners. We stand ready to support our business customers as we they emerge progressively from lockdown when it is safe to do so.  

Our stock levels are currently under  close control and we do not envisage any issues fulfilling your orders. We will continue to use Royal Mail as our delivery provider, who are we feel, the most robust partner in getting your goods to you in a quick and safe manner.


If you have any concerns, questions or ideas about our response to COVID-19, please contact us via email