Cosy Cottage Soap Lip Balm Trio With Apple Lip Balm, Peppermint Lip Balm & Vanilla Lip Balm
Lip Balms In Three Flavours (Individual Or As A Trio)
Cosy Cottage Soap Vanilla Lip Balm
Cosy Cottage Soap Peppermint Lip Balm
Cosy Cottage Soap Apple Lip Balm
Cosy Cottage Soap Lip Balm Open
Lip Balms In Three Flavours (Individual Or As A Trio)
a bowl full of natural apple lip balm tins
a bowl full of natural vanilla lip balm tins
a bowl full of natural peppermint lip balm tins
Lip Balms In Three Flavours (Individual Or As A Trio)

Lip Balms In Three Flavours (Individual Or As A Trio)

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"The perfect little treat"

Note: Vegan versions of our lip balms are available as an alternative here.

Our luscious lip balms are made entirely from natural ingredients with no artificial additives, and these versions are VEGAN!

The balms are shea butter and avocado oil based, providing an intense and lasting moisturising experience and an attractive natural sheen to your lips.

This product is available as an attractive trio in one of our cotton drawstring bags, which make an ideal gift, or can be purchased on their own with no bag in our handy, screw top, recyclable aluminium tins.

The subtle minty, apple and vanilla flavours are created by the addition of peppermint, apple or vanilla oils and there are no artificial colours or flavours. All natural for your lips.

The products are made in our cottage workshop in Malton, Yorkshire, and come in convenient tins for ease of application and handy storage in a pocket or handbag. The generous 30g tin (5cm diameter) provides ease of application and will last you well.

*Due to COVID-19, the bag in this product may differ from the one pictured. In order to keep the supply of this popular product open to our customers, we have had to make temporary changes in suppliers. With our high standards for ethically sourced products, this has meant that we have had to, in some cases use different bags.*


Beeswax, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, Vanilla, Apple or Peppermint Oils.

We take the impact we have on the planet very seriously. The packaging used for this product can be recycled. When we post your items, any ‘plastic-like’ packaging we may use, including clear bags and bubble wrap, is made from biodegradable plant derived material that will compost in one year. So feel free to put it on your compost heap!

We reuse fully recyclable cardboard boxes we get from our suppliers where we see fit but your package will always look great and smell even better.

Check your local recycling facilities at

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