pair of unbleached cotton gloves tied with a ribbon
pair of unbleached cotton gloves with glass jar of lavender hand and body balm
pair of unbleached cotton gloves

Unbleached Bamboo Gloves For Moisturising Hands

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pair of unbleached natural bamboo moisturising gloves which are designed to be worn for 20 minutes or more, or even overnight, after smothering the hands with our hand creams, to warm the skin, open the pores and accelerate the absorption of the intensely moisturising cream. 

Made from one of nature's most sustainable resources, these bamboo can be worn after applying our  intensely moisturising hand cream to aid with its absorption. 

We have chosen to include moisturising bamboo socks and gloves in our Cosy Cottage range as opposed to cotton alternatives because as well as being beautifully soft, light and comfortable to wear, they are extremely environmentally friendly.   

We have had feedback from customers suffering from dry, sore hands telling us that using  these bamboo gloves over our rich hand balm has provided much-needed relief and their hands have felt soft, soothed and moisturised. 

Hand cream not included but you can purchase together below:

Geranium Hand Cream

Sweet Orange Hand Cream

Lavender Hand Cream

Hempseed & Patchouli Hand Cream

We take the impact we have on the planet very seriously. The packaging used for this product can be recycled. When we post your items, any ‘plastic-like’ packaging we may use, including clear bags and bubble wrap, is made from biodegradable plant derived material that will compost in one year. So feel free to put it on your compost heap!

We reuse fully recyclable cardboard boxes we get from our suppliers where we see fit but your package will always look great and smell even better.

Check your local recycling facilities at

Customer Reviews

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Sooooo soft!!

I bought these gloves to help soothe the eczema on my hands and wow they are soft, I felt immediate relief after putting them on!

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