Saving Money and the Planet go Hand-in-Hand


We’re all facing a cost of living crisis and under its gaze, we’re looking for cost effectiveness; every time we buy. Pulling away from sustainable, eco-conscious products, in favour of mass produced alternatives can appear to be the answer but at Cosy Cottage we think differently.

We’ve taken a look at our customers'  data and firmly believe that saving money and saving the planet go hand-in-hand!  

Let’s start with our solid shampoo and conditioner. Palm oil, SLS, paraben and cruelty free and not a plastic bottle in sight. Our customers’ feedback coupled with price data show a massive 92% on the cost of daily haircare, when compared to a mass produced, water based, commercial alternative.

Why is that?

  • Our solid shampoos last longer
  • You need a lot less product at each wash
  • No artificial surfactants, sulphates and detergents means:
    • You need to wash less frequently
    • You can soon dispense with conditioner

How about our natural deodorants; aluminium, additive, propellant and paraben free and offered in a recyclable aluminium tin. We compared our 50ml product to a 250ml spray can of deodorant; again, we used our customers’ feedback, volumes used and price data and we see a saving of over 50% of the daily cost.

The main reasons for the difference?

  • Only a tiny bit of natural deodorant is needed to be effective
  • Reapplication is required less frequently

Lastly we looked at our hugely popular honey and rosehip oil face cream. This is high price territory, with some mass produced products, many of which comprise over 70% water, bearing price tags in excess of £100! For our comparator, we used a mid-range product and still found that our competitively priced cream, which contains no added water and consistently receives outstanding customer feedback, enables over 80% saving on your daily facial moisturising.

The reasons?

  • A tiny bit of our water free cream goes further than a traditional water based product
  • The effectiveness of our natural ingredients has been celebrated for centuries!

We know why we choose sustainable, natural products and how critical it is to protect our planet but faced with the choice between buying sustainably and paying the electricity bill, it’s no longer so simple. At Cosy Cottage, we create long lasting, water-free, effective products. We are about dispelling the myths and reinforcing that what’s good for the planet is good for the pocket too.  

Full data sources and assumptions are available on request.

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