Our Autumn 2022 Haiku Competition Winners


We were afraid that nobody would enter, that our customers would think we'd gone mad. There was no need! We received hundreds of excellent haikus, several haiku sequences and even some cinquains too. Some of you said you'd become addicted and most importantly, many of you told us you'd had fun! 

This weekend came the difficult bit (for us) at Awakening the Writer Within. We genuinely loved them all, from odes to forty four day debacles, to soapy soliloquies alongside celebrations of nature, the snuggly joys of Autumn and Yuletide anticipation. We were touched by the celebrations of our Cosy Cottage products and pledge to use all of these at some stage on our website product descriptions. 

In the end we had to shortlist thirty haikus and then we picked five, seeking to cover the spectrum of subject matter and approach. After much deliberation, we eventually narrowed it to one winner, Tom Southworth, who told us that this beautiful, evocative haiku is the first thing he's ever written. 

Here are the glorious winning haiku and our four, fabulous runners up. We will be in touch with the winner and runners up next week and will also contact all our shortlisted writers alongside. 

OUR WINNER  - Tom Southworth


Ageless guardians


Gilded by Autumn's brush


Fell. Too late. Fallen.



Sue Birch


Autumn nights draw in   
Extra blanket on the bed   
Learnt how to crochet!  


Daniela Nunnari


We are snail seekers,
puddle splashers, cloud watchers,
faces raised to sky.


Lesley Parr


We dream for the Spring
This time in Autumn
Winter has many blessings


James Gensberg


Snow flakes or soap flakes?
I do not recommend you
test this with your tongue


Thank you to our winner. our runners up and everyone who entered, for your participation, your enthusiasm, your talent and your interest.

Janet Dean and Clara  - Awakening the Writer Within 

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