Sweet Orange - Your Sweetest Summer Standby

sweet oranges growing in a tree

Our sweet orange essential oil fragranced products  are made using the Citrus Sinensis variety, the most widely cultivated species of orange in the world. The pure, natural essential oil fragrance we use is made from steam distilled zest and pulp of this popular fruit. The sweet orange range has been a consistent favourite since launch, over four years ago, particularly in the spring and summer when you tell us that you find the citrus smell energising, fresh and modern.

Traditional therapeutic uses of Citrus Sinensis embrace a diversity of conditions from high blood pressure to digestive disorders. Its most popular uses however align with the feedback we have received about the scent being energising in that Citrus Sinensis is a remedy which calms the mood by both reducing heart rate and cortisol production, keeping stress and anxiety at bay.

We’ve also received many instances of feedback about our Sweet Orange Hand and Body Cream being great at deterring those pesky summer insects. In recent scientific studies, several components of Citrus Sinensis; in particular, limonene, terpineol and 1,8-cineole  have been isolated and shown to be effective in repelling various species of insects and reducing the prevalence of insect bites, a useful summer standby, even in the far North of Scotland where those midges are legendary.   

Another suite of recent research studies have focused on the impact of Citrus Sinensis oil on the absorption of UV radiation by the skin; in particular the benefits of in preventing the genetic mutations that could develop skin cancer. The results of these studies are encouraging and in particular, one report cites a significant reduction in the occurrence of sun induced ‘age spots’.

As the summer weather arrives and we all start to head outdoors, the reported pest deterrent, energising and UV protection benefits of our sweet orange range come into their own. Your ideal summer staycation standby!







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