Supporting our Soap Making friends in Central Africa

The Quaker Congo Partnership

We are over the moon to be working with our friends from The Quaker Congo Partnership to help fund soap-making courses for women in Central Africa.

Many of the women in the region have not had the opportunity to attend school and yet they still need to find ways by which they can generate incomes for their families to pay for food, grow crops and purchase medicines. 
The project in which we are involved is focused on the cluster of villages on the Western shore of Lake Tanganika, in the region of South Kivu. There have been recent reports of increased malnutrition and severe ill health among children under 5 due to COVID restrictions in the villages. 
Our donation will contribute towards the costs of training rural women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the process of soap-making. The ability to make soap and set up micro-enterprises will make a real difference to the lives of these women and provide them with new skills to help their families.
We are very much looking forward to staying in touch with the project and following the progress of the women with their soap-making. 
For more information about this project and the Quaker Congo Partnership, please visit their social media pages and their  website

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