Slow Soap – A Cultural Revolution!

slow soap making in the slow movement


Every bar of soap we sell via our website, through our partner retailers or in our Malton store is handmade in our workshop. Materials are weighed, mixed, stirred, cut, cured, wrapped and equipment cleaned by hand: … and it’s all done … slowly …

Four people attended our first post-lockdown soap-making workshop a couple of weeks ago. Participants spent a slow, relaxing Sunday morning designing and making their own soap. Their creations will be just about ready to use and enjoy now. One thing we all agreed: soap-making is slow, it’s meditative, it’s enjoyable and moreover, it helps to relieve stress!  

The Slow Movement is a revolutionary cultural movement started by Italian food lover, Carlo Petrini. His Slow Food movement, promoting locally sourced food, relishing tastes, socialising and extolling traditional cooking, germinated in response to McDonald’s arrival in Rome in the 1980s.

Since Carlo Petrini, the Slow Movement has grown, books have been written and philosophies developed around slow cities, slow holidays, slow parenting and slow work among others. The philosophy is not about laziness but about doing everything well; at the right pace, to the highest quality and for maximum enjoyment. It’s about celebrating our basic needs and investing time in love and human connection.

We’re relishing the philosophy of the Slow Movement here at Cosy Cottage … Slow Soap; our Cosy Cottage antithesis to Fast Food, Fast Cars, Fast Fashion and the Fast Path to Oblivion!


  • Bren Cuttell

    Just spent a lovely morning making soap. Clara, Carol and Eve were all lovely and answered all our questions. I think I have found away I can use my beeswax capping from our bees. Thank you ladies ❤️

  • Jackie Shipley

    What a wonderful philosophy and attitude to life. I would ban all fast food outlets, awful food and awful way of eating

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