Savvy AND Sustainable - Greener living to save money

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During times of rising inflation, cutting back on everyday items has become a necessity for many of us. So, in the Cosy Cottage team, we have been looking at the various ways we are making sustainable and eco-friendly choices while also saving money.  

‘Eco-friendly and budget friendly’ has become our team mantra and here are some of our favourite ideas!

1. Take your own drinks with you (Amanda’s favourite)

Taking your own bottle of water or diluted juice from home not only saves you money but it significantly reduces single use plastic packaging. Bottled water is expensive and if you live in the UK, you’re lucky enough to have fresh drinking water straight from the tap. 


2. Bulk buy your everyday items (Philip’s our bulk-buy boy)

There are some products you just can’t live without. So instead of swapping for cheaper, less environmentally friendly options, bulk buy sustainable ones instead. We have a whole collection of everyday products that can be bulk purchased to save 15% on regular prices and you can qualify for free postage on orders over £30 too.


3. Mend, don’t buy (Carol and her husband David have this one nailed)

Is it broken or are you just tired of it? Reducing consumption sends less to landfill and saves you money. Many items can be fixed or redesigned easily instead of throwing away or buying new. Take damaged clothes to the tailor and fix your phone instead of buying a new one.

There are also some real bargains to be had in second-hand stores and less consumption is better for the planet. 350,000 tonnes of clothing is sent to landfill each year. There are many great platforms that you can use to sell unwanted items and make money in the process. This enables people to buy the second-hand items they want and reduces consumption.

4. Subscribe and save (we’re all onto this at Cosy Cottage)

Many products can be bought on regular subscription to save money. Our ‘Sudscription’ boxes have a 25% saving on regular prices and you can save 10% on products in our regular purchase collection too. Also, you don’t have to go out in your car to purchase as postage is free and your essentials will arrive every month without a fuss.

5. Take your own container (Jo and Sarah are our candle queens)

Eco-friendly stores around the UK now offer savings when you fill your own container; reducing single use packaging and saving money too. We have our very own refill station in our Cosy Cottage Malton store for our wonderful essential oil diffusers and we take back empty glass product jars and empty Cosy Cottage candles for 50p off your next purchase.

6. Borrow, don’t buy (Clara and Cath are our pre-loved treasure seekers)

Have the kids got a project you need materials for? Are you off to a wedding and have nothing to wear? Ask friends and family first before buying new. Many people have things around the house they would be happy for people to use up or borrow. Get on your friends and family group chats - it’s a good excuse to catch up whilst you collect!

7. Spends less time in the shower (Emily is our super-speedy showerer) 

Ironic coming from a soap company, but we’ve said before that our skin creates 8kg of sebum (our natural oil) each year so why wash it away? Reducing water consumption diverts less water from our rivers, bays, and estuaries, which helps keep the environment healthy. Using products like ours also stops detergents and parabens from entering the water system. All of our products are free from detergents, parabens, sulphates, plastic, palm oil and are not tested on animals.

If you keep your Cosy Cottage soaps and shampoos dry between uses, they’ll last much longer than traditional bottles of shower gel. Our bars are made using the cold process. That means that during the curing process, excess water in the soap evaporates, which creates a firmer and longer lasting bar.


8. Wash your clothes on a cooler cycle (Kerstin is right on it with the pre-soak)

You don’t need to wash clothes on hot cycles, which saves money on your energy bills and reduces carbon emissions. Our household soap can be applied to remove stains from clothing prior to washing, meaning you really don’t need to wash above 30°.

9. Go paper free (We’re all at it here!)

Many companies now reward their customers for going digital; it saves paper and means less recycling and carbon emissions. Log into your bank and utilities accounts and see what options you have to save money and go paperless.

What are your tips for being savvy and sustainable? Leave a comment.

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