Saving Money with Cosy Cottage Haircare

Now, more than ever, while we are all dealing with a cost of living crisis, we’re trying our best to manage our budgets and think of new ways to reduce our spending.
The team at Cosy Cottage have been busy looking at customer feedback and pricing data - what we have discovered about our solid shampoo and conditioner bars may come as a surprise to you!     
On average, customers use a huge 90% less product when they use solid shampoo and conditioner bars, compared with liquid, bottled products. For example, 25g of liquid shampoo is used per wash, versus 2g of solid shampoo! This translates to a cost saving of 18% per wash.
Did you know that bottled haircare products contain between 75 and 90% water? In effect customers are paying for packaged H2O! This large water content is needed in liquid products, not only as a carrier for other ingredients, but also to dilute the harsh detergents (sulphates) which can cause discomfort and irritation. 
Our customers who have made the switch to solid haircare products tend to need to wash their hair much less frequently – once every 3 days, compared to those using liquid products – once every day.  There’s a clear time saving element here as well as a money-saving one!
Users of our solid shampoo and conditioner tell us that after using the products for about 12 weeks, their hair looks and feels great, and they no longer need to use conditioner, thus making another long-term saving. On the other hand, users of liquid shampoo continue to buy and use conditioner regularly.
If you decide to try Cosy Cottage haircare products, not only will you save money on shampoo and conditioner, but you could also save money on your water and electricity bills.
Fewer hair washes = less hot water and less drying with electric hairdryers.
Overall, our customers tell us they are saving an estimated 93% of their haircare costs when they make the switch to our solid shampoo and conditioner.
This is all fantastic news for those of us looking for simple changes to our daily routines that can help us save money.

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