Plastic Recycling – The Problem Rather Than The Solution?

plastic recycling isn't good for the environment

In a previous blog, we highlighted the outcomes of a small research project in Holland which identified plastic micro-particles in the bloodstreams and tissues of adults and children.

This week, in advance of the latest summit on the future of plastics, Greenpeace has issued a report. Their findings are that plastic recycling is a key source of plastic microparticles in the environment and their conclusion, alongside several other recent studies, is that plastic recycling, rather than being part of the plastic pollution solution, is exacerbating the issue. In addition to microparticles found in the body, micro-particle pollution has been found in Antarctic Snow and waterways.

This latest research calls into question the previously held assumption that ‘so long as plastic is recycled or recyclable, it’s OK’. It could also herald the demise of the ‘recycling symbol’ on plastics, with which we are all so familiar.

At Cosy Cottage we’re taking the contents of this report very seriously. We have recently launched a natural push-up, glide-on, stick deodorant, alongside our soaps, shampoos and other products, all in completely plastic free packaging. Unlike many comparable products, the packaging for our new deodorant is 100% plastic free; instead we use a sturdy, cardboard push-up tube, which incidentally makes a great fire-lighter when the deodorant is all gone!

We’re watching developments carefully and will always continue to ensure our product and packaging development is informed by latest research.

Check out our brand new plastic free deodorant.

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  • Race Eco Chain

    Challenging perspectives provoke critical thought. While plastic recycling offers benefits, it’s crucial to address its limitations and explore holistic solutions. This article sparks important dialogue on sustainability. Let’s strive for comprehensive approaches to tackle plastic pollution.

  • Janet Beckett

    Hi, I buy the geranium, lavender and tea tree deodorant in the tins of you. Can the tins be recycled or are you able to re-use these? Thank you

  • Irene

    I realise that all your packaging is recyclable or compostable but I would like to know specifically if the"straw" type packaging can be composted or should it be recycled by adding to the paper and cardboard bin. Thank you.

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