Our Team's Top Tips for Staying Upbeat this Autumn/Winter

We’ve all been feeling it this week, haven’t we! Lockdown isn’t lifting as quickly as we’d all hoped and we’re entering the next six months with ongoing feelings of uncertainty. In the workshop, we’ve had a little competition among the team to select our top four ways to stay upbeat this Autumn/Winter.

Pictured above are Emily, Simon, Anais and Amanda; some of our fabulous team members who participated in the little diversion.

Top Upbeat Tip #1 from Emily

Write a letter to someone you haven't been able to see for a while. 

...'To write is human, to receive a letter: Devine!' ... Elizabeth Kostova

Most of us know the feeling at the moment. Maybe we or family members have been shielding, perhaps family events have had to be delayed or maybe we've just not been able to meet up while observing the rules. Why not send a letter; short or long, either will make the lucky recipient's day divine!

Top Upbeat Tip #2 from Simon

Sit outside and take a look at the night sky; the planets, stars, constellations and, if you're lucky, shooting stars and meteor showers too. What better and more meditative way is there to relax and enjoy the fresh air. There are some great resources around to help you navigate all the goodies you can see up above. There's a link to just one of them here - you can even adjust the settings to your specific location.

Maybe light up one of our beautiful Lemongrass Outdoor Candles to create a cosy ambience and help six legged companions to keep their distance!

Top Upbeat Tip #3 from Anais

Snuggle down on a chilly evening inside to enjoy a good book or magazine, pop on some music or the radio, grab a mug of your favourite hot drink or tipple and hug a cuddly blanket around you too. Maybe you've a four legged companion to share your special cosy evening with too; Anais has her two beautiful and beloved dogs.

We're all about the 'hygge' at Cosy Cottage, we're even working with one of Bradford's beautiful woollen mills who are making snuggly socks, especially for us.  

Top Upbeat Tip #4 from Amanda

...'Busy hands are happy hands'...

We're working with our hands all day long, here in the workshop. Whether it's making beautiful products, hand-wrapping soaps, tying gift bundles or packing your orders, our hands are certainly very busy and jolly happy too. We've also been delighted to send out our Cosy Cottage Craft Kits to many of our lovely customers who have enjoyed keeping their hands busy and happy at home this year. 

Some of you have told us about your happy crafting sessions with children and grandchildren. The kits make great presents for like-minded crafters too. 


We hope you enjoy our home-grown top tips above and maybe you'd like to share some of your own with us. 

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