Our Guide to Hygge

This week at Cosy Cottage HQ in Malton one topic of conversation has been about the upcoming World Spa Day on Tuesday 25th February. We chatted about our own experiences of treatments and days out spent between sauna and steam rooms. The bit that we enjoyed the most? The gorgeous post-spa glowing feeling, from the inside out.

This got us thinking, how can we recreate that complete zen that we experience after visiting the spa?

Fins take the at-home-spa to a whole new level with saunas in workplaces and homes. Across Finland, there are around 3 million saunas. Compare that to a population of 5.3 million and that's an incredibly large proportion with access to the calm and peace of a sauna. 

As amazing as an in-house sauna would be, we're searching for more practical steps to bring calm to our lives!

How to Hygge

If you've ever visited Copenhagen, you might have noticed it has a different heartbeat. It's a big cosmopolitan city, sure. But the people in it are relaxed and at peace. Their tonic to a busy life? The lifestyle of Hygge. 

The Danish word cannot be translated into English but encompasses an atmosphere or feeling of cosiness and wellbeing. The Scandinavians have certainly hit on the importance of self-care - and they are regularly voted the happiest people in the world as a result. We certainly want a slice of that pie! 

So, how do we get that post-spa feeling without leaving the comfort of our own homes? Here's our guide to injecting Hygge into our day to day for a more content life. 

1. Get outdoors

Getting outside and breathing in the fresh air can have a positive impact on your energy and mood in a variety of ways. According to one study, roughly one in five adults has low levels of vitamin D. This is a vitamin closely linked with your mood. There's a reason why we always seem to associate sunny weather with happiness!

So, grab the lead and take your dog for a walk, hop on your bike and whizz through the countryside or simply enjoy a hot drink in the park.

2. Turn off your tech

When you get in from your invigorating time outdoors, put your phone on flight mode and avoid dashing for the TV remote.  Switching off from your technology is an important aspect of Hygge as we can easily feel disconnected when glued to our screens. Embrace the present moment.

3. Slow food

Hygge is also all about slow food. But we don't mean you have to switch to MasterChef style cooking. A simple roast chicken, bread or soup is the perfect Hygge food. It's all about taking time to slow down and enjoy the process of cooking.

4. Light a Candle

Here's a fun fact for you: Danes buy more candles than any other country in Europe. Lighting up our spaces with candles creates a calm spa-like atmosphere.

And it's not just for winter! Twinkling tea lights on a summers day can make a hot evening feel cosy.

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5. Soft furnishings and cosy woollies

Soft, warm textures are another important aspect of a hygge lifestyle. Think blankets and throws, tactile fabrics to snuggle up with after you've lit your candles. Opt for natural fibres like wool for the most peaceful experience. 

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6. Indulge in Some Quality Time

Finally, enjoy the moment, whatever it is. The beauty of Hygge is this can be as simple as savouring a hot drink. Bliss!

We also like to make the most of essential oils and use fragrances to boost our mood. Geranium oils are often used to promote a positive mood. Why not try one of our organic bath bombs for the ultimate quality time? Just add a mug of your favourite tea and a good book.


So, what are you waiting for? Light those candles and begin the journey to enjoying that post-spa contentment from the comfort of your own home! 

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