Thank you to the 25 people who responded to our dish soap trial after using it for several weeks during lockdown. We are also grateful for your feedback on the biggest challenge, which was getting your family to try out the dish soap also.

It’s great to see the patterns that emerge from your collective feedback and also to receive your own individual points of view, which gave us ideas we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves.

Over 87% of people who responded found the dish soap to be effective in removing grease. The favoured way to use the dish soap emerged to be running a sink of hot water and rubbing a soft cloth or sponge on the soap and then wiping on the plates. The soap that was added to the water through this process helped clean dishes. Burnt on food matter was best removed by rubbing the bar directly onto the plates. Two people said that a brush wasn’t suitable as it gouged the soap and used too much at once.

Another common piece of feedback was that the smell of the dish soap was great and some described it as ‘light and refreshing’. Over 75% of people said they really liked the scent and we agree that there’s nothing nicer than a fresh smell after cleaning in the kitchen. Lemon has historically been used as a non-toxic cleaning agent as it’s known to inhibit the growth of bacteria, as well as having an invigorating scent.

Something prevalent in your feedback was that due to the dish soap not containing any chemical detergents, people found that their hands were not so stripped of moisture as when using a liquid dish detergent. We were really happy to hear that our product is kinder to the skin.

We were also delighted to see that a few people who trialled the bar had knitted/made their own scrubbing cloth. Our founder Clara has also done this so it was a nice bit of feedback.

The dishes, particularly glasses and cutlery had the best results if they were rinsed after washing. We think that this is a good practice anyway to remove the residue from any washing-up product. Some people found that if they used too much soap on the cloth, the product left a residue but after using less the next time and rinsing, this solved the problem.

Over 75% of people said they would recommend the bar as a good, plastic free, palm oil free and cruelty free alternative to regular washing up liquid. There were some challenges in getting children and partners to accept the changes in use but we know it’s nothing you can’t handle!

With our own experiences using the product, combined with your feedback, we are delighted to launch the product; the first in our ‘Cosy Clean’ range, to which we will add to, over the coming months.

Keep an eye out for new products as we ask for volunteers to trial.

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  • Sally

    Love these bars, have yet to find a pot they don’t clean. Easy to use, simply rubbing the cloth or brush over the bar, then rinsing in fresh water afterwards. No more plastic bottles for me 😊

  • Mariana Bolivar-Martinez

    I love the smell and I’m impressed how good it is with grease but still gentle with your hands.

  • Marie Felber

    So far, so good! The soap smells lovely and it cleans my dishes with the aid of a small sponge. There is no bubbles like commercial washing up liquid and they are not necessary. The soap cleans beautifully foamed up with my sponge or cloth and then I rinse my dishes afterwards. Great not to be using a plastic bottle. 😊

  • Patricia Mason

    I loved the smell of the washing up bar and it does seem to clean ok but leaves an unpleasant scum in my hard water. I always rinse with clean water and the items are ok.

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