Natural Deodorant - Is It An Eco-Step Too Far?

cosy cottage natural deodorants on display in a shop

With so many commercial producers relying heavily on aluminium, artificial additives, palm oil, plastics, detergents and preservatives, what’s different about our Cosy Cottage products and how do they work? After all, with deodorant, none of us want to take any risks!

Welcome to the next in our series of blogs going into more detail about why our Cosy Cottage products are different and how they work.

Back to Basics - Will Natural Deodorant do the job?

Our natural deodorant follows a different approach to traditional antiperspirants and deodorants. Instead of forcing our bodies into sweat-free submission and covering up smells with even stronger, synthetic smells, our natural deodorant works with your body to eliminate odour. Our gentle, natural, essential oil fragrances, made from steam distilled fruit and flowers, are the icing on the cake.

First things first; our natural deodorant is not designed to stop perspiration; one of our bodies’ important, natural processes to regulate temperature and eliminate toxins. Interestingly though, people who have been using our natural deodorant for several months have reported that they have noticed a reduction in excessive perspiration.

Instead, our product, uses natural, simple ingredients to create slightly alkaline conditions under the arms, which discourage the growth of the bacteria which cause underarm odour. They smooth and nourish underarm skin too. No need for potentially cancer inducing aluminium, weapons-grade fragrances nor antiperspirants, suppressing natural processes; just a luxurious blend of soothing butters, essential oils, gentle alkaline agents and vitamin E.    

The formulation of our natural deodorant is coconut oil based and water-free which means that preservatives such as parabens, which have been cited in some studies to contribute to  endocrine disruption, are not required. Read our blog here for more about parabens

The feedback from our customers about our natural deodorant speaks for itself. Since launch in 2019 it’s become our most popular product.

Why not take a look here.


  • Jane

    This absolutely works and smells lovely. Really pleased with the new push up dispenser and no nasties. Love Cosy Cottage products and values.

  • Heather

    I LOVE this deodorant.
    I was initially sceptical- I’ve tried a few that were eco and were hopeless.
    This one not only works, it is better than even the best mass-produced brand I’ve ever used. I have always had pong-paranoia and take the greatest care in ensuring a no-pong strategy in habits and with my deodorant choice.
    This deodorant is by far the best: I apply in the morning and no longer worry about it. 100% confidence. no need to check or reapply (which I did with all the big brands) I’ll never go back. It is truthfully Brilliant.
    Oh and since they developed a woody fragrance and spatulas -the hubster is on board too. Can’t wait to get him the roll on version as this right up his street. He’s not the only convert, it seems once you’ve smelt it, touched and tried it. Most never go back….. I mean honestly, why would you?

  • Sarah Rutherford

    I’ve used environmentally friendly deodorant before from other supplier and found they weren’t up to the job. I was presently surprised to find this one eliminates all sweaty pongs, all day and smells fantastic. I even used it in Miami which was hot and humid without getting whiffy.

  • Diane

    I honestly didn’t think this would work. I ordered a tin because it was free postage and packaging! Well it works! It’s lovely and I’ve ordered some more. I can’t use aerosols since having a budgie and this deodorant is ideal. Thankyou!

  • Penny Phillips

    I work in a hospital so our personal care is important. I like to try but worried

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