National Stop Snoring Week

Did you know it is National Stop Snoring Week? Its aim is to raise awareness that nobody needs to suffer as a result of snoring: it is a condition that can be treated. According to the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Society, as much as 41% of the adult British Population snore meaning there are approximately 15 million snorers in Britain alone, often affecting their significant others' sleep pattern too.

If you were wondering whether there actually are more male than female snorers out there, sorry fellas but it's true. Figures suggest that for every female who snores the night away, there are 2.3 males. Women typically have smaller throats meaning their sleepy tongues are likely to entirely block their airways, causing them to wake up. On the other hand, the male throat is often only partially covered by their relaxed tongue, causing the vibrations and noise that we hear as snoring.

The older you are, the higher your chance of snoring is. As we age, a lack of muscle tone can make obstructions more likely in the throat too. 

Temporary situations such as colds and resulting congestion can also increase your chances of snoring, as well as habits such as smoking and drinking which restrict your airways. So by cutting the alcohol and cigarettes, you could be helping your partner get a good nights sleep whilst improving your own general health.

At this time of year, allergic reactions can cause congestion and snoring at nighttime. Our Hemp & Patchouli range is perfect for those who suffer from frequent reactions as Patchouli Essential Oil is incredibly low in the allergens which could be causing your snoring. You can shop our Hempseed and Patchouli Soap, Cream and Gift Set here.

If all else fails and the irritation snoring persists, we suggest a healthy dose of earplugs and a relaxing routine before bed. Give yourself time away from screens and instead opt for a relaxing bath. You could even use our Bath Bombs along with our Soy Wax Candle. We have written before about the powerful properties of Lavender in creating a relaxed mood for incredibly deep sleep. A few drops of lavender essential oil or a rub of Lavender Hand and Body Balm before your head hits the pillow also work a treat. The more relaxed you are, the deeper your sleep will be and therefore so much less likely to be woken by a bump (or snore) in the night. 

We now have a page dedicated to our vast range of Lavender Essential Oil scented products which you can shop here. Do let us know if any of our tips work and we would love to hear from you about your tips and tricks for coping with or preventing a night of snoring. In the meantime, sweet dreams!

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