Meet the Team: Janet

Welcome back to another instalment of our Meet the Team blog series. A few weeks ago, we were delighted to welcome Janet as our new Non-Executive Director (NED) here at The Cosy Cottage Soap Company. We wasted no time in asking her some questions so you can properly get to know our latest addition to the team...

1. Hello Janet, could you please describe your role at CCS?

My role at Cosy Cottage is Non-Executive Director. This means that I help Clara and her team with future planning and business strategy on a part-time basis. I don’t work for Cosy Cottage in the same way as other employees, but I bring expertise from other roles that I have now and have had in the past and apply them to address what Cosy Cottage needs to help it grow as a business. I am also a Non-Executive Director with a hospital trust, a large housing and care business and an independent school – all very different organisations but with the same need to sell products or services, to grow and to stay profitable!

2. What is your favourite CCS product and why?

Apart from Cosy Cottage Soap, which is the best I have ever used, I love the Sweet Orange Moisturising Hand and Body Cream. Not only is it a lovely texture providing the perfect antidote to my dry skin, but its subtle perfume is excellent as a light fragrance under a favourite perfume. I think Sweet Orange is a genius concept that works throughout the year - light in summer, warm in winter.

Sweet Orange

3. Couldn’t agree more! When you are not helping Clara out, where would we find you?

At the moment, you would find me doing some of the Non-Executive jobs I mentioned before, but increasingly you would find me writing. Clara and I met when we were studying for a Master’s in Creative Writing and we now run Awakening The Writer Within courses and retreats in France and Yorkshire. I write poetry and have just started writing scripts, but my first novel will be published in Spring 2019, so I expect to be busy promoting and marketing that. My book is called The Peacemaker and is published in the name I use for historical fiction, Janet Dean Knight.

Thanks, Janet!

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