Meet the Team: Ellie

Hello and welcome to our exciting new monthly blog series in which we will be introducing each member of the fantastic team here at The Cosy Cottage Soap Company. First up is Ellie, who helps out with the online side of the business. 

Describe what you do at The Cosy Cottage Soap Company.

A couple of months ago, I started working at The Cosy Cottage Soap Company, a fresh graduate from the University of York. I have always enjoyed being creative and would love to have my own business like this one day, so I joined Clara and the team initially for a short internship. I found the work brilliant and I am now working with Clara on a part time basis. Redesigning the Cosy Cottage website has been the biggest task for me and I particularly enjoyed taking new stock photos for the products.

We have used my photographs for our slot in the Country Living November issue too; I'm very proud to see my work in such a prestigious magazine. See below for a peak behind the scenes of the photo-shoot! I have been very much involved in designing our new Cosy Cottage packaging, which will be launched very soon and I run our online and social media platforms, writing emails and blogs, updating the website and monitoring online and social media activity. You will also catch me at some of the fairs coming up this Autumn and Winter so do pop over and say 'hello'. 

What's your favourite thing about Yorkshire?

I've only been in Yorkshire for 3 years now, since starting my studies at The University of York, but I have enjoyed every second. The people are always so warm and friendly. There is still much out there for me to explore but my perfect day involves visiting one of the many beautiful historic towns across Yorkshire, such as Helmsley, Whitby, Harrogate or, of course, York, wandering the streets and exploring boutiques. Oh, and Betty's is an absolute must, but that's a given!

What is your favourite Cosy Cottage product?

It has to be the bubble baths, Lavender or Sweet Orange, it depends what mood I am in but I love them both. So bubbly and deliciously scented with essential oil fragrances. After researching the SLS blog, I have realised just how important it is to avoid harmful chemicals which can be found even in toothpastes, creams and bubble baths. I didn't realise that the warm water in our showers and baths can make it so much easier for us to inhale these chemicals. The Cosy Cottage Soap Company's bubble baths are the perfect replacement. Skin and environmentally friendly AND amazing products. 

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