Meet the Team: Beth

Hello and welcome back to the blog series Meet the Team. In 2017 we introduced you to Cosy Cottage founder Clara and digital Ellie but this week it is the turn of our latest brilliant addition to the team to take the spotlight. Meet Beth, our lovely, multi-talented lab assistant who can also be spotted at fairs and markets too.

Hi Beth, could you introdroduce yourself and tell us a bit about yourself.

Okay, hi, I am Beth, orignially from South Wales and currently studying Philosophy at the University of York. Having my job at the Science Park at the University is perfect for me because it's local, the team are great and it's really flexible too. Here at The Cosy Cottage Soap Company, I help to make and wrap all the soaps, creams and candles.

What do you enjoy to make the most?

Hmm, I really enjoy making the soaps and I think I enjoy those the best. The process is a little bit more complicated than the other items and requires a keen eye to know the perfect point to pour but I enjoy the whole task. All the work makes it more worthwhile!

As a vegan, is it easy finding ethical brands on the high street?

I try and stick to plant based ingredients as much as possible. It is generally quite hard to find products which are cruelty free, vegetarian and don't contain any nasty ingredients, so it can be a struggle, particularly among the bigger brands. I do find that smaller companies like Cosy Cottage tend to be more considerate and ethical. 

Which Cosy Cottage product is your favourite?

It's a tough one. I think it has to be everything Hemp & Patchouli. I love the soap. I really enjoy the scent of it, it really sticks around without being too overpowering. Even better when I have made it myself!
Thanks, Beth! 
We hope you have enjoyed getting to know Beth a little better this week and keep you eyes peeled in the future for more interviews with the team.
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