Lemongrass - Kitchen Favourite and Healthcare Champion

Lemongrass in a field

Lemongrass is native to southern Asia and most widely recognised as an ingredient in Asian cuisine. The distinct, clean fragrance also makes it ideal for beauty, bathing and household products, including  scented candles such as our Cosy Cottage Garden Candles, where the fragrance is very effective at discouraging pesky flying insects in the summer! We know this because we use our Cosy Cottage Garden Candles over and over on warm evenings alongside the lemongrass version of our indoor Cosy Cottage candles, to keep our home, six-legged-visitor-free too! They are also the perfect companion during the colder months, creating a lovely cosy air to relax in.

Research has identified powerful health generating compounds within lemongrass, such as flavonoids, in particular quercetin, a valuable flavonoid which is well known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s these anti-inflammatory benefits which have made lemongrass a popular choice in natural medicine for the treatment of pain and inflammatory response. Alongside the anti-inflammatory properties, lemongrass is reported to have both antibacterial and antifungal properties and the benefits of these in helping to resolve skin complaints have been the subject of several scientific studies.  

We have received a wealth of positive feedback about our popular lemongrass and patchouli shaving soap, which contains pure lemongrass essential oil. In particular, shavers have found our Cosy Cottage Shaving Soap to be less irritating, more cleansing and to promote more accelerated healing than traditional shaving gels, foams and soap products.

Additionally, our lemongrass shampoo is now our most popular shampoo fragrance. In addition to balancing the production of oil, the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of lemongrass are helpful in the relief of infections and irritations of the scalp. The slightly acidic nature of lemongrass essential oil has also been found to be useful in accelerating the period of transition between traditional detergent based shampoos and our gentle, natural solid shampoo.

So this kitchen favourite becomes a favourite for health, home and skincare too. Why not treat yourself to a little bit of lemongrass loveliness.

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    The blog on Lemon Grass was really interesting and informative will certainly be trying one of the products.

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