Keeping Uplifted through September

September is a funny old time. For us, it seems people are either craving the start of cooler weather and autumnal colours or they are desperate to cling onto every last drop of sunshine. Either way, the month brings about an air of change. The kids are back at school, parents wave their teens off to university and businesses are back in, well, business after a summer of holidays and temporary staff. Even us adults have a tenancy to find ourselves buying a new diary and thinking about introducing some late resolutions into our lives. And while some bask in the change, others can often find it difficult to adjust to the new routine and cooler temperatures (hello thick coats). We've been thinking about it a lot the past week and so have compiled a list of the teams top tips to beat the blues and remain uplifted throughout September...

Beat the Blues

1. Firstly, listen to your body. We often find ourselves getting caught up in the daily grind that we forget to listen to what our body is wanting. This could include a whole host of things. For example, if it's telling you to ease up and rest as your are forever tired and feeling a tad lacklustre, then that is exactly what it needs so take the time to light your favourite candles and take some time out especially for you.

2. Keep a regular routine. The changes that September bring about, be it saying goodbye to your son/daughter as they head off to university, or the darker evenings creeping in, can throw us off our regular routines. The more change is occurring, the more important it is to maintain as much as you can of your routine. Having those set activities pinpointed throughout the day can help our brains to cope with changes around us that we cannot control. Sometimes when we are struggling to adapt to big changes, we write down these set activities and tick them off as the day goes on - it seems to help our brains with one less thing to worry about! 

3. The usual: stay active, eat healthily and drink drink drink water. Another that we often let slip by us when dealing with change or a hectic schedule yet it can have a huge impact on our productivity alongside how we think and feel. By reminding ourselves to eat well, exercise and drink plenty of water, we should feel a boost in our energy and uplift our mood. By becoming more productive we will, in turn, feel more positive about other aspects of our daily lives too.

4. Try Aromatherapy. Scents of steamed distilled flowers and fruits have long been used as a treatment for transforming your productivity and mood. It may not be the first thing you think of when looking to energise and uplift your mood, but perhaps it should be. When we use the right scent for the right circumstance, it really is amazing how much of an impact it can have - in our experience at least! Whilst we use lavender and other calming scents to relax us, others offer uplifting properties. Either use essential oils or incorporate naturally scented products into your daily routine. Try our Sweet Orange to energise and our Geraniumrange to boost your mood. We'd love to hear how you get on with them!

5. Get outsideIt is easy to retreat to the comfort of our own home when the weather cools. Getting outside and breathing in the fresh air can have a positive impact on your energy and mood in a variety of ways. According to one study, roughly one in five adults has low levels on vitamin D. This is a vitamin incredibly closely linked with your mood. There's a reason why we always seem to associate sunny weather with happiness. Being cooped up in an office or the house all day also does nothing to boost your mood. Get your extra dose of oxygen and feel the fresh wind on your cheeks awaken you. It can also be a great way to get that exercise in - hey that's two birds with one stone. Your body and mind will thank you for getting out this September. 

Always remember to seek professional help and reach out to those around you if you are struggling. 

What are your top tips on staying energised and uplifted with the change that September brings? We'd love to hear!

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