It's a Sister Act!

Next Tuesday (10th April) is National Siblings Day and while it's not an official holiday in the UK, we think it's definitely worth celebrating. Founder, Clara, and her sister, Kate, both grew up together in the South of England, attending school and universities in southern cities. Now the sisters work together making soaps, balms and creams at their HQ in York to sell across the world. Here's a little snippet of their story from sisters in southern England to soap making partners in the North. 

After living together during their childhood in the south, Clara was the first in the family to make the move to Yorkshire around 25 years ago. Missing the family and wanting to see each other more, Kate moved up a few years later, soon followed by the pair's parents. Reunited as a family in the north, the two enjoyed spending lots of quality time with each other without travelling too far. The two women have different passions and strengths beyond work. Clara enjoys writing and runs her own writing courses and workshops through Awakening the Writer Within. Kate can often be found participating in long runs up and down the country.

The addition of Kate to The Cosy Cottage Soap Company's team coincided with the business's expansion onto the York Science Park in 2017. You can read more about the beginnings of the Cosy Cottage journey from Clara's kitchen lab, here.

Clara credits Kate's keen eye for detail and neat operations organisation for the continued growth of the company into 2018. Whilst the two have different strengths, together they are a recipe for success! Where Clara works on creating exciting new products and the science behind them, Kate is organising the behind the scenes of the business. Kate is also the reason your packages look so attractive as she carefully wraps your products for safe travel in the post.

Being a family focussed business is very important to Clara, with many of her employees working part time and/or remotely to fit around their family commitments.

We hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about the journey and team here at HQ!

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