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Rubbing in Mango Butter Foot Balm

With so many commercial producers relying heavily on artificial additives, palm oil, plastics, micro-granules, detergents and preservatives, what’s different about our Cosy Cottage products and how do they work?

Welcome to the next in our series of blogs going into more detail about why our Cosy Cottage products are different and how they work.

How Does your Mango Butter and Lemon Foot Balm transform my feet?

Unlike the majority of moisturising products on the market, all our balms are based on plant derived oils, butters, fats and waxes, rather than water.

Take a look at some products in your cabinet. Frequently the first and therefore highest concentration ingredient is ‘aqua’, the international cosmetic name for pure, unadulterated, water, available for free from the sky! To make this water look white and creamy, emulsifiers are added such as SLS, stearates or alcohols, to name but a few.

Turning water into ….. creamy water

You can do this yourself at home; create creamy-looking water relatively easily and very cheaply. As it’s mostly water, it will go mouldy fairly quickly, so to prevent that, many commercial producers add weapons-grade preservatives such as parabens. All our balms and creams are based on glorious, plant derived oils and butters, hence these weapons-grade and frequently discussed preservatives are not required. Read more about  parabens here

The Glory of Mango Butter and its Sugary, Exfoliating Particles

One of our most popular balms is our Mango Butter and Lemon foot balm. The key ingredient in this delightful formulation is mango butter, a rich, luxurious butter, made from cold-pressed mango stones. Mango butter bears a light, sweet fragrance which reflects but is not identical to, the delicious taste of mango flesh. We also add a trace of essential oil, made from steam distilled lemon peel, rich in vitamin C to our foot balm, together with enriching coconut oil, aloe vera juice and smoothing sunflower oil.

Avoiding Drain-clogging and Marine Life-damaging Microgranules

Mango butter is nourishing, imbued with skin nutrients and it's non-greasy. It also crystalises very easily, forming small sugary crystals, which are an ideal, natural exfoliant. These sugary crystals will dissolve as the product is massaged into the skin on your feet. No need for plastic, drain and wildlife clogging microgranules; our product relies instead on the exfoliating properties of natural fruit sugar and the healing, beneficial effect of mango butter and the vitamin C from lemons, to sooth and soften hard skin and cracked heels in a jiffy.

For really problematic, hard or cracked skin, such as on the heels, you may wish to try a pair of our bamboo socks too. Slather the foot balm onto your skin and keep the feet warm inside the bamboo socks, for twenty minutes or so, for a really deep and luxurious, moisturising experience.   

Not only will your feet be ready for dancing in the dark, within a few applications, your drains will be free from insoluble microgranules and their catastrophic effects on marine and river life, too. Take a look at our Mango Butter Foot Balm with Lemon Essential Oil HERE

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