Heather, her Soap and a Damascene Conversion


It was a chilly October morning in our Cosy Cottage workshop when candle-making queen, Sarah’s ‘phone rang. Up popped ‘MUM’ on her screen.

‘I’d better take this,’ and off our Sarah scuttled, as we rang our hands, hoping ‘Mum’ (Heather) was OK.

Like most mobile ‘phones, Sarah’s is of the ‘no chance matey, if you are trying to make a private call’ design, so we were all able to keep abreast of every word. Just as we’ve been keeping abreast of burgeoning romances, holiday plans, children's homework issues and other enjoyable lifestyle developments, amongst the team, all year!

‘It’s a miracle’ cried Heather. Several eyebrows raised over soap-cutters, order packing and face-cream stirring, at her Damascene exclamation. We all know Heather as a level-headed woman of the WI, not easily drawn to charismatic conversions!

‘It was completely black and ruined, ever since I burnt that jam, and this morning it’s as good as new! It’s a miracle! A miracle! I’m a convert!’  

We all remembered Sarah announcing, back in June that she was giving her Mum a bar of household soap for her birthday. At the time, each privately pondered how this would go down. So why had it taken Heather until October to use it, we mused! A doubting Thomas in Sarah’s family? Or a soupcon of disappointment that Heather hadn’t received a box of chocolates or even earrings for her birthday, perhaps?

No matter, Heather’s a convert now and guess what Sarah’s entire family will be getting for Christmas this year? The soap-makers are going to be busy!

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Damascene Conversions Guaranteed!


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