Eco-Friendly & Travel-Sized Products For The Eco-Traveller's Holiday

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It looks like we might all be off on our holidays! Whether you’re planning to stay in the UK or heading somewhere equally exotic overseas, the latest change to travel restrictions has got everyone excited to plan their next trip.

We’ve heard that some airlines have seen a 200% rise in bookings and there are similar trends in other more sustainable modes of transportation, such as rail. A recent survey suggests that people in the UK are looking to make up for lost travel experiences over the last two years. More than half of people surveyed plan on taking more than two holidays this year with almost half saying they plan to go “on a holiday of a lifetime”. Where better than beautiful Yorkshire for that lifetime’s experience, we say!

Having a holiday to look forward to, no matter where you’re going, means planning what to take with you! Here are our Cosy Cottage picks for an eco-travel experience. These travel-sized products are easy to use, easy to carry and eco-friendly.

Travel Essentials Tin

Everything you need to be a truly eco-traveller. It can go in your normal luggage too, so less to try and squeeze into those clear bags to go through security. This tin contains a shampoo bar, conditioner roundel, a sisal soap bag to keep your bars dry and safe during transit, a reusable face wipe, two lovely scented bars of soap and a shea butter facial soap to keep your tanned skin super soft. All neatly packed in a sturdy metal tin that can be reused or recycled once you’re finished.

Travel Soap Set

A beautiful set of six travel-sized soaps. As with all of our products, these soaps are SLS, SLES, MIT and paraben-free to help avoid dry skin in the sunshine and are eminently suitable for exotic locations where additive-laden products might disagree with the plumbing! All packed nicely into one of our Cosy Cottage branded cotton bags.

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Easy to carry, no liquids and great for your sun-kissed locks. We’ve helped to save over 300,000 plastic bottles (over 16 tonnes) from landfill and the oceans, since these bars were first launched. To put that into perspective floating in the ocean, these bottles would have covered a circle with a diameter of over 120 metres!

Washing-Up Soap

A great addition to camping holidays; this bar is easy to use, carry and store for your adventures. It smells great and with no detergents, it’s great for washing dishes in the wilds. You only need a little so the bar is long lasting when kept dry.


Our sisal soap bags and beeswax wraps keep your soaps, shampoo and conditioner bars clean and dry during your travels. Our large Cosy Cottage branded cotton drawstring bags will keep everything together whilst you zip between locations.

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