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Intensely moisturising hand creams that are long lasting

With so many commercial producers relying heavily on artificial additives, palm oil, plastics, detergents and preservatives, what’s different about our Cosy Cottage products and how do they work?

Welcome to the next in our series of blogs going into more detail about why our Cosy Cottage products are different and how they work.

Lockdown Hands – Can your Hand and Body Balms Help?

Unlike the majority of moisturising products on the market, all our long lasting, luxurious balms, hand, body and face creams, are based on rich, pure plant derived oils, butters and extracts, rather than water and synthetic additives.

Take a look at some widely available alternatives. For many, the first and therefore highest concentration ingredient is ‘aqua’, the international cosmetic name for pure, unadulterated, water, available for free from the sky or (nearly) free from your taps! 

Turning water into ….. creamy water

To make the water in cosmetics look white and creamy, emulsifiers are added such as SLS, stearates or alcohols, to name but a few.

You could even create creamy looking water yourself at home, relatively easily and very cheaply. As it’s still mostly water, it will go mouldy and become germ-laden very quickly too. To prevent that and keep water based creams and cosmetics safe, many commercial producers add weapons-grade preservatives such as parabens. All our balms and creams are based on glorious, plant derived oils and butters, hence these weapons-grade and frequently discussed preservatives are not required. Read more about parabens here.

So what's Different about Our Products?

Our Cosy Cottage hand and body balms are coconut oil and shea butter based, rather than water based. They also contain aloe vera juice and beautiful, natural essential oils, made from steam-distilled flowers and fruits. All these ingredients have great skin benefits; here are just a few ...

- Coconut Oil has moisturising properties which help minimise wrinkles, ameliorate the signs of aging  and boost nutrients

- Shea Butter contains high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins to soften, nourish and repair the skin

- Hempseed Oil contains tocopherols;  similar to the vitamin E group of compounds whose skin benefits are invaluable in enriching and regenerating 

- Aloe Vera juice, contains enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins A and C to treat and soothe dry skin. Aloe Vera has also been cited in several studies to give sun protection benefits.

Moreover, the fact that our products are not made from water means we can avoid the need for heavy duty preservatives, like parabens.

 All of the above and they're Cost Effective too

Our products are richer than the water based alternatives, hence we always recommend that you use a small amount at each application, to deliver great, moisturising results. That means one fully recyclable jar will last a long time and represent a cost effective, sustainable alternative. Good for our customers and great for the environment too.   

Why not take a look here.

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  • Susan Boylan

    Who would believe that a 72 year old’s skin and around the eyes has actually improved since using the face cream. It lasts for ages too! Honey , patchouli and geranium is ace!

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