Cosy Cottage Soap Collaboration With SeaGrown

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with SeaGrown, who are developing an exciting new marine industry for the UK. With support from the Coastal Communities Fund, the company is establishing a seaweed farm in the clean, cold, open waters of the North Sea.
Using their seaweed as an ingredient, we have created two fantastic products, which are available via SeaGrown, on our website or in our Malton store.
Great For The Environment
These 100% palm oil free, Seagrown branded, kelp infused soaps and creams are handmade in Malton, Yorkshire from a combination of locally sourced ingredients such as seaweed and premium quality, natural plant oils. 
They are created in small batches using processes which consume minimal fossil fuels, very little water and produce no waste. Whole, unprocessed, dried kelp, sustainably sourced from the seashore at Scarborough, on the North Yorkshire coast, only 24 miles away from the workshop, is the key ingredient in these products.
The gentle fragrances present in the products are created from a unique blend of essential oils, made from steam distilled flowers, plants and fruits rather than synthetic parfums or limonoids and there are no added colourants, whiteners such as Titanium oxides, or dyes, just the natural colours of the component ingredients. All Seagrown products are presented in packaging which is free from plastic and can all be fully recycled or composted.
North Yorkshire's ambitions to being carbon negative by 2040 and our partnership with SeaGrown is featured in The Guardian. We are extremely proud to be part of it.
Great For Your Skin
One of the key active ingredients in kelp is aloin, which has been cited in several studies as being helpful in lightening dark spots, moisturising and yielding benefits for eczema and psoriasis patients, and improving skin structure and appearance.
The kelp is added towards the end of the making processes, which ensures that the beneficial, bio-active components of the kelp are preserved and present in the highest possible quantities, in the finished products. 
The soaps are free from SLS, SLES and all artificial foaming agents and surfactants, whose drying and irritating effects on the skin and exacerbation of a range of skin conditions, are well documented. Instead these soaps produce bubbles due to the unique combination of high quality, natural oils and fats in the formulation. 
The cream contains coconut oil and shea butter which form the base of this intense, long lasting, moisturising product. Unprocessed, dried kelp is infused in aloe vera juice before being added to this uniquely beneficial cream.
Naturally occurring polysaccharides present in kelp have been demonstrated to retain moisture and act as an outstanding skin moisturiser and humectant, to an even greater extent than the well known skincare ingredient, hyaluronic acid.
The products contains no added water and hence require no artificial emulsifiers, surfactants, or potentially hormone disrupting preservatives such as parabens, which are frequently cited in exacerbating skin conditions. No added water makes them very long-lasting products; a little goes a very long way.

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