COSY COTTAGE COMPETITION - Lockdown Micro-Fiction on a Gift Card

Cosy Cottage Soap Marvellous Minis Gift Box
Lockdown Micro-Fiction in 40 words or Fewer

We've been delighted to have sent thousands of our little lockdown love gift sets to your friends, relatives and loved ones all around the world. Almost every one bears a special personal message which you've carefully created.

Your messages have spanned many languages, the full gamut of humour and they've all been filled with love. You've had us in fits of laughter many times and in tears more than once.

As we enter our third lockdown here in Yorkshire, many of the team have been participating in new diversions. These include virtual creative writing workshops run by Clara and her good friend, novelist and poet, Janet Dean through the Awakening the Writer Within brand.

This week in the workshop, we've been creating our own pieces of micro-fiction; super-short stories that still offer characters and plots. Here are a couple of our efforts

"Dear Sam, I grew my hair long, the way you said you liked it. Waiting in hope for an invitation to your bubble, my love. Please get in touch again when you can. Forever yours - Delilah xxx"

"Percy. The vets said he's the biggest they've ever seen. Hope you'll be allowed to fly back soon. He'll be so pleased to come home. Any idea how long? Love Liz, Fred and woof from Maximus" 

"Hi Monty - more frosts but the snowdrops are now flowering. Looking forward to the daffodils coming through in the coming weeks. Hope to see you soon in the shed when it warms up a bit. Bill and Ben"

We're inviting you to submit your own micro-stories to our Cosy Cottage Competition this week. Let your imagination run wild and send us your stories in fewer that 40 words. Sticking with the 'micro' theme, we're offering one of our wonderful 'Marvellous Minis' gift boxes as a prize for the one which grabs our attention the most. There will be two runners up prizes too! Why not give it a go!

Please send your stories by email to or add them to the posts on our FaceBook or Instagram posts before the end of January. We'll pick the winners on 1st February. You can enter as many times as you like!


  • bryce brock

    Love this! Thank you for sharing!

  • Sue Donnell

    Dear Dad
    Looking forward to seeing you again when the present situation permits. I miss seeing your lovely smile, enjoying your wonderful wit and being with you in your bird friendly garden. All the comforts needed to soothe the soul.

  • Christine Clarke

    I have been looking for shampoo bars for a little while. Found these and love the lavender for hair. I can’t wait to try more of these products.

  • Allison Hillman

    Jonathan, you have shown compassion , determination and resilience in your efforts for Mum. We know you deserve the best. We are with you in these hard times, in thoughts if not in person. Be kind to yourself.

  • Janet Cartledge

    I can’t tell you how much I miss you, Mum. It all started this time last year when Dad went into hospital. When he died, we thought we would have time to spend with you but that wasn’t to be.

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