Coconut Oil - Our Eco-Friend with Benefits

Broken coconuts by Irene Kredenets

When we started the Cosy Cottage Soap Company, we took the decision to avoid all palm oil, due to the well documented adverse environmental impacts. The coconut oil we use as an alternative, is created via an extraction process where coconut milk and flesh are heated and a fatty emulsion formed. Nothing is added to the coconut oil and it’s the pure, refined triglycerides which form the basis of our soaps, creams and balms.

We have received numerous instances of positive feedback about the benefits of these coconut oil based products to skin on our customers’ hands, bodies and since the launch of our new face cream recently, faces too.

Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E, antioxidants and saturated fats, as in line with the feedback we receive, the benefits to skin are frequently cited by dermatologists:

  • Antioxidants help to prevent wrinkles and premature ageing
  • Saturated fats prevent moisture loss through the skin
  • Some dermatologists suggest benefits in protection from infections
  • The vitamin E content prevents cracking and promotes regeneration

In 2020, a furious debate emerged with a suite of correspondence challenging the environmental preference for coconut over palm oil production. The underlying data and basis of calculations were found to be fundamentally flawed and a climb-down swiftly followed! So we’re sticking with coconut oil; our eco-friend with benefits, at Cosy Cottage.

One final thought! We were very interested to find a Ghanean medical study from 2016 reporting coconut oil to be effective against a range of lipid coated viruses. The oil was shown to disrupt the lipid-based viral membrane and thereby to interfere with the viral lifecycle. This is particularly fascinating as the world faces the catastrophic impact of a more recently emerged lipid coated virus with which we’re all too familiar these days!

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