At Cosy Cottage, we're Ageing Gratefully


Many celebrities and major lifestyle and beauty publications have recently spoken out against the term 'anti-ageing'. Jamie Lee Curtis, Cate Blanchett, Andie MacDowell and Cindy Crawford are just a few to join in with the 'pro-ageing' movement.

Traditionally, the preservation of youth and ‘avoidance’ of ageing, has been the driving message behind fashion and beauty advertising. Men and women have felt  pressure to resist the natural processes associated with getting older; including some members of our team; until now! 

At Cosy Cottage we have committed to embrace a positive ageing mind-set and to maintain age-inclusivity in the way we approach our product development, marketing, and communications. 

Here are some of the steps we’re taking as a team:

Actively talk about the benefits of ageing, for example:

    • the value of lived experiences,
    • the enrichment of having embraced multiple careers,
    • the treasure of long term relationships

Celebrate one another’s beauty and most of all, rejoice in our own

Continue to offer opportunities and development to all team members, irrespective of age

Find more ways to enjoy life, have fun, socialise and (most importantly) keep on learning

We reject the deep-rooted assumption in our industry and so embedded in western society, that ageing is bad and to be avoided at any cost. Instead, we relish the principle of ageing as a delight, a privilege and a cause for joy.

At Cosy Cottage, we don't all claim to be ageing gracefully :) , but we are certainly all about ageing gratefully

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