Animals that Help the Environment

It's Animal Awareness Month here at The Cosy Cottage Soap Company this October. Below you will find a picture of the real heart and soul behind the company, our furry friends! We have been discussing topics such as palm oil and plastics and this impact on animals in the jungles and oceans over on our weekly newsletter over the past couple of weeks. This week we are turning our attention to animals that help, with this blog taking a closer look at some of our favourite animals that support our environment by working with humans. 

Animals that Help

1. Dogs that sniff our endangered animals:

Known for their close companionship with humans, it's actually a dogs nose that comes in particularly handy here. In a very similar way to police sniffer dogs, conservation groups train and use dogs to sniff out endangered animals such as black bears in China or jaguars in the Amazon, helping researchers to track the creatures.

2. Rats that sniff out landmines:

Arguably one of the least liked animals on the planet, these creatures come in very handy for saving both human and other animals' lives. African giant pouched rats are too light to set off landmines but their excellent sense of smell comes in particularly handy to tracking down the dangerous weapons. By locating the landmines which can then be disarmed, preventing environmental hazards from occurring. 

3. Narwhales testing the temperature:

These magnificent and magical looking creatures are more than just their interesting looks. As they dive much deeper underwater than humans can go, scientists around Greenland have attached thermometers with tracking systems onto narwhales. As the whales travel around the Arctic at different depths, the recordings are fed back to scientists who are them able to get accurate and otherwise unreachable data on the effects of global warming. How brilliant! 
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We hope you have found this blog interesting and insightful. Let us know of any brilliant ways animals are helping our environment in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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