6 Ethical Skincare Heroes To Make Travelling A Breeze

We’ve all been there, you book your flight to a new and exciting destination, receive your confirmation email and… oh, there’s luggage restrictions. You toy with the idea of purchasing additional baggage for that extra pair of shoes and all your liquids, but that’s seriously biting into your sangria and tapas pocket money. No fear, as the team at Cosy Cottage Soap have a great range of travel-friendly products for you to try on your next getaway. Take a look at our top picks and enjoy a hassle-free holiday with minimal luggage.

Caring Shampoo Soap Bar

Solid Shampoo Bar

Free from preservatives? Check. No palm oil in sight? Check. Proudly packaged without the use of plastic? Check. Meet the Caring Shampoo Soap Bar. Do away with the fiddly travel bottles of hair wash and carry this handbag hero instead. It’s solid so won’t count towards your liquid quota, lasts for a long time and smells of sweet almond oil – win win win.

Travel Tin

Travel Tin

All of your skin and haircare honeys in one neat little tin? Yes, please. Everything you could possibly need to feel fresh and revived after a flight is included in this handy travel accompaniment… a selection of body soaps, a shea butter facial bar, a muslin cloth and ideal rounds of solid shampoo and conditioner. Jet -lag has never looked so flawless.

Natural Deodorant with Essential Oils

You’re making your way through the rigmarole of the airport check-in desk, with a few dozen thoughts flying through your head, we don’t blame you if you’re a bit hot and flustered. Take a minute and try our Natural Deodorant – it’s packed with skin-saving ingredients such as vitamin E and tea tree and will keep your underarms smelling sweet for hours, no matter what the sticky situation.

Vegan Peppermint Lip Balm

Vegan Peppermint Lip Balm

This delightfully buttery formula is perfect for long-haul flights, with the added bonus of it being vegan, too. Apply liberally to lips before your flight, and you’re good to go. Although there’s a great deal of low humidity on planes that can lead to dry skin and discomfort, the Vegan Peppermint Lip Balm will be your best friend throughout the journey. Just remember to pop it in your liquid bag before going through security!

Travel Soap Set

Soap, glorious soap! This set brings you 6 tempting varieties, all neatly packaged and ready for your next adventure. Have the whole family coming along for the trip with you? Well you know what they say… sharing is caring. What’s more, these soaps are SLS, SLES, MIT and paraben-free, meaning you’ll be contributing to clearer drains in the long run.

Reusable Soap Travel Wrap

Wondering where to store your sudsy toiletries once they’ve become wet from the shower? These handy little wraps are perfect for all of your soaps and solid shampoos while on your travels. The wraps are made from beeswax and cotton fabric and come in a range of colours and patterns. Perfection!

Ready for your next adventure now? Be sure to contact us via our social media channels with your holiday snaps starring our travel-friendly products! For the full range, take a peek here.

Guest blog written by our friend and travel blogger, Millie Douce.


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    Really cool post, highly informative and professionally written..Good Job
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  • Sandra Newbigging

    I already have the deodorant, shampoo and conditioner bars as well as the pet shampoo bar. I love them all, but do have a body cream?

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