5 Ways To Embrace The Change In Season

The leaves go from green to red, the winds change from warm to cool, it’s truly no wonder autumn is considered the season of change. However, it isn’t just the environment that goes through a shift, Autumn is a time of transition and invites us to embrace the energy of change.

Although change can sometimes be less than comfortable and we seem to find ourselves reminiscing about warmer days, it’s an exciting time and with these 5 tips, we’re sure you can embrace Autumn and all that is wonderful about it! 

trees with red leaves and sunshine through the branches

Seek Out Nourishment 

Any change can bring up feelings of being unsettled, so finding the things that make you feel centred and yourself are so important, especially during seasonal changes. For us, that means taking a little extra care of ourselves, eating nourishing food, embracing baths again, re-reading a much-loved book, listening to a new podcast, and of course hot chocolate in our favourite mug.

Whatever nourishes you, gravitate towards that and fill yourself and your life with the things that bring you joy, and let the rest fall away. To handle change with grace and acceptance, we must make time for nourishment.

Soothe Your Skin 

As our summer tans fade, and the temperature drops our skin dehydrates and loses tone, which is when our skin craves moisture, especially our hands! 

Our rich, soothing hand balm is made entirely from organic and natural ingredients, as it’s not diluted with water and has no unnatural additives, it’s ideal for chapped or very dry hands. 

cosy cottage soaps hand balm

Breathe It In 

Get outside, no matter the time of year, we can’t stress this enough. Fresh air is nature’s medicine for sure, not only does it help you clear your head it makes you happier! The more oxygen you breathe, the more of an increase in the amount of serotonin (the happy hormone) you inhale, consequently making you happier! 

Not only that, it helps boost your immune system, which is exactly what you need as the colder months close in. The more fresh air we breathe, the more oxygen we take in, which helps our white blood cells function properly by fighting and killing bacteria and germs.

So pull on your boots, wrap up warm and feel the leaves crunching underfoot! 

Listen To Your Body 

We often find ourselves getting caught up in the daily grind that we forget to listen to what our body is wanting, and trust us, it’s telling you in all kinds of ways. For example, if it's telling you to ease up and rest as your are forever tired and feeling a tad lacklustre, then that is exactly what it needs so take the time to light your favourite candles and take some time out especially for you.

Scent Matters 

Did you know that the scents of steamed distilled flowers and fruits have long been used as a treatment for transforming your productivity and mood? It may not be the first thing you think of when looking to energise and uplift your mood, but perhaps it should be. 

There is the perfect scent for every circumstance, it really is amazing how much of an impact it can have - in our experience at least! We know that when it comes to relaxing, there is nothing better than lavender, but when we need an uplift we head straight for our Sweet Orange to energise and our Geranium range to boost your mood. If you’ve tried them, we'd love to hear how you get on with them!

We’d love to know how you embrace the change in seasons? 

Are you an Autumn fan, tell us why


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  • Carol Bunge

    I love Autumn and Winter! I much prefer it to Summer, I have my own central heating so when it gets cooler, I’m much more comfortable. I love all the different colours you get in Autumn and the beautiful sky colours you often get in the mornings and evenings. I also like the darker evenings, to me it’s not right staying light till 10pm, especially when I go to bed about that time as i have to be up early for my job. I love being cosy, wrapped up in cardigans and boots. I know I’m among the minority, but a few of my friends feel the same too, so i know i’m not alone!!

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