5 Reasons to Switch to Natural Deodorant

As we continue our mission to provide plastic and palm oil free skincare products, this week sees the launch of our Natural Deodorant Tins joining the growing collection here in Malton. Following our trial and soft launch, we couldn't be more pleased with the feedback arriving in our inbox:

"Love the deodorant! A small amount works all day, better than any other aluminium-free deodorant I have tried, smells gorgeous too. Thank you"

Good for your body and the environment, our natural deodorants will keep you smelling sweet and feeling fresh, whatever the day throws at you. In fact, we have had our team of trial-ers test their handy tins to the limit. There's been heat-wave tube journeys, 10 mile runs and stressful sport matches. And each time the deodorant has come out a winner. 

"Still loving the fragrance/scent and can still smell it on me when I get home about 4.30. No horrid sweaty smells for me, even when I’ve been running which is fab! And no skin irritation either."

But why make the change to a solid natural deodorant? We're here this week to run down the persuasive reasons to make the switch. Read on for more...

Natural Deodorant

It's cruelty free, palm oil free and plastic free. 

Ticking each one of our Cosy Cottage Values off, these deodorants are kind to the environment and your underarms.

To use, simply scoop a very small amount of the product from the tin with clean hands. Rub the balm between your fingers to soften it then massage into your underarm skin.

Sweating is healthy.

Many mainstream deodorants double up as antiperspirant. When using these products, bodies and underarms are prevented from sweating altogether.

However, the process of perspiration is brilliant for your body. It is how the body purges the toxins in your body and can regulate your temperature. Using natural deodorants allows your body to operate normally and well, breathe!

Kind to your sensitive underarm skin.

Natural moisturisers are used in natural deodorants which can soothe and ease the delicate underarm skin. The combination of rich shea butter, sweet almond oil and vitamin E in our product helps protect and nourish your sensitive underarm skin.  

These natural deodorants are actually good for your skin and your body's overall health!

Essential oils have gorgeous smells that cannot be replicated synthetically. We fragrance our natural deodorants with geranium, grapefruit, lavender and tea tree essential oils for a naturally fresh experience. Read more about essential oils here

No nasty chemicals

Natural deodorants contain no nasty chemicals. Aluminium and preservatives come tied with most traditional deodorants.

Aluminium-based antiperspirants have been linked to increasing your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. According to the  Journal of Alzeihmer's Diseases this can be by as much as 60 per cent with regular use.

Another study from the University of Reading here in the UK suggested there was an increased risk of breast cancer in correlation with use of chemical cosmetics including antiperspirants. Whilst these studies show correlation at this stage, it's a risk we don't want to be taking!

They actually do work!

When chatting to our customers before beginning the process of experiments for our natural deodorant, the biggest concern was that it wouldn't work.

Our lab and practical tests suggest otherwise - it has been reported to work all day, even in those situations that require a little more perspiration!

All ingredients from a synthetic chemical deodorant have been carefully exchanged out for natural ingredients which provide the same function. For example, we use cornflour and baking soda to change the pH of our armpits so those smell-causing bacteria find it unfriendly.


So what are you waiting for? We think that is 5 solid reasons to make the switch to solid natural deodorants. Follow this link to check ours out


  • Kay Prescott

    Been using this for a few weeks now. When it first arrived I thought, that’s small it won’t last long. I’m wrong, a little goes a long way, the tub still looks full. It smells absolutely gorgeous and it works. I’ve been totally dry and I absolutely love it. Highly recommend.

  • Trudie Squires

    I absolutely adore this deodorant.Having recovered from breast cancer, and having my lymph glands removed, I was advised to use aluminium free deodorant. I’ve tried many, and this gorgeous product is the only one that makes me feel fresh and confident all day long. Thank you so much for creating it.

  • LIsa

    I love this product and have just finished my first tin. However what do I do with the tin now? Do you do refills for it so as not to fill the landfill with these tins? Are they biodegradable or recyclable? Thanks

  • Jo

    In a move to cut out palm oil in my products and be more environmentally friendly I’ve made several swaps. Swapping from my usual plastic bottled deodorant to this one had me nervous the last thing you want is to be stinky!
    Well hot day, 7 mile walk, cleaning out the animals, shopping and still I smelt of geraniums!
    Beautiful product and a definite keeper!

  • Amber.

    This deodorant is AMAZING!

    When converting to natural your always worried you will smell.

    But not with this I went on a fast sweaty workout and I use the deodorant when the workout was finished I smelt beautiful!

    The smell lasts but not too overpowering!

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