5 Free and Fun Things to Do at Home

Over the next few weeks, we're all going to be spending a lot more time in our homes. The concept can feel overwhelming, especially in this period of uncertainty. But there are so many fun things to do online that don't cost a penny.

We wanted to share some of our favourites with you. So, we've been chatting to our team and come up with our top 5 free and fun things to do when self isolating and social distancing. 

1. Virtual Museum Tours

Being at home doesn't mean we have to isolate ourselves from cultural activities. No, we can still visit some of the most incredible museums and galleries on the planet. We've selected some of our favourite virtual museum tours. Discover history and art from your fingertips. No travel required.

The Lourve 

The British Museum

The Van Gogh Museum

The big question is, where shall you visit first?


2. Virtual Choir

Serial choirmaster, Gareth Malone has recently launched a very exciting project. His goal is to bring together singers across the country, allowing them to sing together while they are social distancing. The idea provides an escape for us amateurs but also a role for professional musicians. It sounds like a real feel good project.

If you're interested in signing up, head over to his website.  


3. Online Yoga Classes

Sticking with the theme of feeling good, our next free activity for social distancing are exercise classes, particularly yoga. Yoga can be an incredible tool in keeping calm during all the chaos and online videos on YouTube can offer classes without having to pay a penny.

For example, Irish yogi, Maura Rath is currently hosting two yoga classes a day on her YouTube channel. Catch up at any time to take some time for yourself. 


4. Meditation Classes

For something really special, our colleague Val has identified how Calm have pooled together lots of resources including guided meditations and relaxation melodies.

If things start feeling a little too much during these unusual times, this is our favourite place to go to recover our inner peace. 


5. Watch Something Relaxing

To keep our mental health in check, we've been steering clear of heavy reading or TV shows such as crime thrillers. Instead, we're opting for much more peaceful things to digest. 

In Malton we've enjoyed creating and watching our own video, all about the process of making soap at our workshop. Some of our lovely team are featured - can you spot Phil, our very own king of soap? We reckon it's so calming to watch, what do you think?


What are you planning to do when social distancing? Keep us posted in the comments below - we'd love to add them to our list. 


  • Louise Lee

    Morning, very kind and thoughtful ways to keep occupied. Working within the NHS which is very different/challenging at the moment while keeping in touch with friends and family via facetime/emails etc. It is nice to see that we are all working together to get through this difficult time. Thank you and keep safe x X

  • Marian Shaw

    So lucky. Live near a lovely quiet river so plenty walks & bird watching. Also keep bees , chickens, large garden, yoga & online choir. Time to keep in touch with friends near & far. We will get through this.

  • Jane

    Thank you for your thoughtful ideas.
    Hope you all stay well and safe.

  • Susan Franey

    Thank you for making such gorgeous soaps and sharing this video. It makes me want to make my own soap. The process looks so relaxing and I can just imagine the lovely perfumes.

  • Kath Derrer

    I love this video. Lovely to watch how it’s made, thankyou.

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